Persona 5 Strikers - The review of the last journey into the Metaverse

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We have finally come to this moment, the review of Persona 5 Strikers, after a tried that left us amazed we can finally sum up the new work born from the collaboration between Atlus e Omega Force.

Persona 5 Strikers is a spin-off that compared to the normal titles in the series undergoes a big change in terms of gameplay, passing from the classic turn-based system to one that is much more dynamic and close to musou, thanks above all to the expert hand of Omega Force.

Chronologically speaking, the title compared to other spin-offs like Person Q o Dancing, Strikers starts immediately after the ending of Persona 5 vanilla, going to make Royal's events non-canonical.

Thanks to Koch Media we were able to provide you with complete coverage, accompanying you to the review. Will this chapter give a worthy end to the Phantom Thieves of the Heart? Find out with us on their latest journey!


An eventful summer

The game resumes soon after the end of Persona 5 vanilla, seeing the protagonist return to Tokyo again after a period of absence.

Back "home" he reunites with his old companions to organize together the last period of summer holidays and obviously the meeting place it certainly could not have been the LeBlanc.

Unfortunately not everything will go according to plan and the now retired Phantom Thieves of the Heart they will be "forced" to get back into action, as they are involved in a conspiracy that makes use of the Metaverse and the strange new application EMMA FABRIC.

After solving the first case, the Phantom Thieves will make an interesting acquaintance with which they will strike a deal. Strict the pact, preparations will begin for their new adventure by even getting a camper.

Here begins a new journey at the main stages of Japan, in search of the cause linked to the apparitions of the Prisons in the Metaverse to find out who is behind this new conspiracy ..

Surely the new story will get you more than a laugh in many moments thanks to jokes and comic scenes, but it will also be able to take more serious tones when it has to.

From Palazzi to Prigioni is a moment

At the base of the gameplay we find ourselves a musou title not exactly pure, since it mixes the j-rpg elements of the main series adding that bit of hack 'n slash that we have been able to appreciate in the “Warriors” productions of the last few years.

Just like in Persona 5, we will have here too a party consisting of four members. These can be exchanged at the refreshment points, in order to calibrate and balance the statistics in battle, bringing certain elements rather than others.

The gameplay is very eventful, all accompanied by the use of the Personae. Also in Strikers, Joker will be the only one who can control more than one. The other characters, on the other hand, will have those that we have already had the opportunity to appreciate in Persona 5 and Royal.

Gaining experience is once again crucial as enemies will often give you a hard time; we will therefore be asked to upgrade your party before facing a certain boss or a combat zone.

Exploiting the weaknesses of enemies will play an essential role in the success of a given battle, especially when you have to defeat a particular opponent. These compared to normal enemies. they will have a number of shields to take down, the so-called KO Bar which once cleared will allow you to launch an Assault and inflict massive damage in the shade.

Among the many techniques available, our heroes will have a special attack available which, once the appropriate bar is recharged, will allow us to launch a devastating final attack. If we are going to use Joker, this will vary based on the Persona equipped.

Also to be commended are the battles with the final bosses of the prisons, which have some mechanics unique within each battle. These will be very difficult to defeat and, above all, they will change phase whenever we manage to take away a certain amount of energy.

The only flaw is due to the possible abuse of items for the recharge of the SP, such as the famous curry, which allow the continuous use of skills, going to trivialize every single battle, including those against the notorious bosses.

The narrative structure recalls that of the Palaces, called Prisons this time, which work almost the same way, except for some differences in terms of plot. At the head of each Prison there will be a Monarch, which we can only reach once certain objectives have been completed and the "Letter of challenge", just like in the 2017 title.

As for the social sim phases there are differences from the past. During the days outside the Prisons we will be able to purchase and improve our equipment and, most importantly, stock up on healing items, as these will not be available within hostile areas.

As you progress with history, you will unlock the camper that will give you access to the kitchen, with which you can prepare excellent dishes or drinks that will allow you to restore HP and SP.

Unfortunately, the confidants have been cut, many of which will not even make their appearance, justified by more or less trivial reasons within the game, such as Iwai, now replaced with Sophia's shop, one of the new Strikers characters.

Another negative note, the days will pass only when the game decides it. In fact, if we leave and re-enter the Prison, time will not advance allowing us to even be able to buy back the objects finished during the exploration.

A comeback in style

The game keeps the technical level high, with a solid frame rate and an online graphics sector with Persona 5 Royal. The new fully animated 3D interface is a feast for the eyes, as is the menu dedicated to Sophia's Shop, an obsessive and painstaking care that we expect to see also in the next chapters of the series.

It is therefore a real shame that some of the technical limitations are inherited from the previous title, perhaps also for not wanting to totally upset the series since this chapter should be the last dedicated to the exploits of the Phantom Thieves.

The game on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5 allows you to choose between two graphics settings that on the latest Sony console does not bring any change in frame rate, since it can easily run the game at 60 FPS in both modes. We would have expected the use of some new proprietary technologies that take full advantage of Dualsense or in general the new generation hardware.

After the success of Persona 5 Royal, which managed to clear the Italian adaptation, the latter is again proposed in Strikers. The translation remains almost identical to the one seen previously, keeping many terms that sound quite unnatural, such as the unforgettable Velvet Room.

The work done in the sound sector is commendable, presenting pieces rearranged to perfection, which manage to keep their beauty intact, surpassing the originals in some cases.

The possibility of being able to listen to the songs of the previous chapters in-game is welcome, even if some of these will be limited to the Deluxe version of the title.

Furthermore, through the Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal saves, you will unlock the songs of the latter and if undecided, you can set the random mode that will mix the entire catalog at your disposal, making every clash and adventure in the Metaverse unique.

One last journey into the Metaverse

Persona 5 Strikers is a successful marriage of genres, thanks to a dynamic gameplay that could initially displace historical fans due to the change of course undertaken compared to the past.

With a well-told story and a good characterization of the characters, you will be pleased to live this new adventure in the company of the Phantom Thieves and the new entry. The latter above all, we find it better inserted within the plot than the Kasumi seen in Royal, not making it seem like a stretch.

Accompanied by the now iconic songs rearranged for the occasion and an impeccable artistic direction, the differences with a numbered chapter will be almost imperceptible, apart from the combat system. The title, however, is not free from defects. Among all they stand out poorly balanced gameplay, the presence of the usual buildings made inaccessible with trivial excuses, the absence of a system of Confidants and the impossibility of interacting with some symbolic buildings of Persona 5.

These shortcomings undermine the overall longevity of the title, which still stands at 50 hours; an excellent result compared to the classic musou, as if to underline its hybrid nature and how much this can make the difference.

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