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Zenkichi is a detective from Kyoto tasked with gathering information on Phantom Thieves and the string of strange events occurring across Japan. He has a daughter named Akane.

Although Zenkichi's appearance and demeanor suggests him as unreliable, he is actually deceptively intelligent and easy-going, and surprisingly does not hide any secret motivation unlike Goro Akechi, another detective who has previously joined the Phantom Thieves and believed in their righteousness.

However, Zenkichi also has a comical side and a tendency to panic or overreact when caught completely off guard which usually involves him speaking, screaming in dismay.

In this guide we will go to see Zenkichi's Persona, its stats, abilities and combos to use.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

Zenkichi Hasegawa

Code name: Wolf
Initial person: Valjean
Arcana: Apostle
Peculiarities of the Personae: Specialized in the use of Divine-type skills and firearms
Weapon : Greatsword
Ranged weapon: Double gun
Fighting style: He is able to hit multiple enemies thanks to his projectile weapons
ShowTime: He can use Fury to gain attack power at the cost of health. He can mitigate this by using Life Drain to steal health from enemies

Valjean person

Zenkichi's starting Persona, Valjean, specializes in firearms, divine abilities, and support skills.

Person Statistics

Skill of the Persona

Recommended skills

Divine ability

Divine abilities do non-elemental damage that works against any enemy in battle. This makes Zenkichi a good party member on the offensive level if you are unable to use elemental abilities against which enemies can be weak.


Here are all the actions that Zekichi can perform during the fights:


Masterful Talents

Finally, here are Zenkichi's Masterful Talents, which will allow you to perform various combos useful to bring every fight to your advantage, thanks to the mechanics linked to the HP of this peculiar character.


Zenkichi summons his Persona who, through his chains, makes enemies jump, once in the air Wolf hits them repeatedly with his double guns, ending the attack with an explosion.

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