Persona 5 Strikers - Game Trophy Guide [SPOILER]

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With the release of Persona 5 Strikers on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, i trophies related to the game. We remind you that the following guide with its descriptions contains some spoilers related to the plot.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

Trophy list

Below is a list of all the trophies that can be obtained in the game.

Authentic Phantom Thief (Platino)

Collected all trophies.


Closed Cage of Lust (Bronze)

Shibuya prison completed.


Vanity Cage Conquered (Bronze)

Sendai prison completed.


Cage of the Burning Throat (Bronze)

Sapporo prison completed.


Cage of Doomed Desolation (Bronze)

Okinawa prison completed.


Collapsed Cage of Wrath (Bronze)

Kyoto prison completed.


Broken Cage of Arrogance (Bronze)

Osaka prison completed.


Friend of humanity (Bronze)

Completed Abyss Prison.


Walk your way (Silver)

Completed Tree of Knowledge.


Back in action (Bronze)

You saw the reunion of the Phantom Thieves.


Greetings from the past (Bronze)

Wolf he has awakened his own Person.


A rediscovered heart (Bronze)

Sophia has rediscovered the strength of the heart.


Special! (Bronze)

You have activated a Special.


Thirst for Power (Bronze)

You used incense.


Flawless teamwork (Bronze)

You performed a assault 150 times.


Know Your Enemy (Bronze)

You have hit the enemy's weakness 300 times.


Phantom Striker (Bronze)

Defeated 200 enemies with a Phantom Twist.


All that glitters (Bronze)

You have defeated 10 Treasure Demons.


Escaped Death (Silver)

You defeated the Reaper


Connoisseur of Masks (Silver)

You have completed the Prisoner Log.


Great Friendship (Bronze)

You have maxed out the level of a BOND skill.


Eternal Bonds (Gold)

You have maxed out all BINDING skills.


A Sense of Talent (Bronze)

You have spent Persona Points to bolster a Persona's stats.


A blade in the dark (Bronze)

You have performed 50 ambushes.


Best of the Best (Silver)

Raised all Phantom Thieves to level 70.


What are friends for? (Bronze)

You have completed all the special requests of the Phantom Thieves.


Who dares, wins (Bronze)

You have defeated a Nasty Shadow.


The boldest of all (Silver)

You have defeated all the Ominous Shadows.


The ultimate ace in the hole (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Joker.


Jolly Roger (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Skull.


Proud Phantom Master (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Mona.


Flame Dancer (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Panther.


Peerless Blade (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Fox.


Fist of Justice (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Queen.


Refined Lady (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Black.


Technological prodigy (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Sophia.


Penitent Fangs (Bronze)

Earned all Masterful Feats of Wolf.


Masterful Thieves (Gold)

Collected all Masterful Feats of all characters.


An outstretched hand (Bronze)

You have completed a request.


Ready to help others (Silver)

You have completed 50 requests.


Item Receiver (Bronze)

Collected a total of 200 items from the Prisons.


The Cook's Trial (Bronze)

You cooked for the first time.


Star Chef (Bronze)

You have prepared 12 types of dishes.


Compulsive Purchase (Bronze)

You bought something during the limited time sale.


A souvenir (Bronze)

Obtained a souvenir for the camper.


Treasure Hunter (Bronze)

You have opened 50 chests.


No Regrets (Gold)

You started a New Game + on difficulty on Merciless difficulty.


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