Persona 5 Scramble - The date of the traditional Chinese and Korean version

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Sega revealed the release date in Korean and Traditional Chinese di Person 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, the new Omega Force musou.

Persona 5 Scramble in China and Korea

The Persona 5 spin-off, Persona 5: Scramble, of which a trailer su Zenkichi Hasegawa and back of the game box, also comes in language Korean e Traditional Chinese.

The title developed by Omega Force, one of which has also recently been released demo on the Japanese store, and which had been featured in Morgana Traveling Report # 5, will be released in Japan on February 20.

As for the Korean and Traditional Chinese release, the date announced by Sega, which will distribute the game in Asia, is the June 18 2020. In the Asian version the title will have subtitles in traditional Chinese, while in the South Korean version the subtitles will be in Korean, but in both versions the dubbing will be Japanese.

Probably, according to the original plans, this announcement was to be revealed to Sega Taipei Game Show 2020, which was supposed to take place in Taipei between 6 and 9 February 2020. This event has unfortunately been canceled and postponed, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China.

As for Persona 5 Royal, traditional Chinese and Korean versions will arrive on 20 February 2020.

Incipit of Person 5 Scramble

About 6 months after the events of Persona 5 ended, the Phantom Thieves are enjoying their well-deserved summer vacation, when suddenly they get involved in a new accident.

Mysterious facts are happening all over Japan. That the Palaces, the cognitive worlds born from the deviant desires of adults, are making their return?

Dressing up as thieves again, the Phantom Thieves will take care of solving this new and mysterious incident….

Description of Persona 5 from the PlayStation Store

Great news for RPG fans! Uncover the picaresque story of a young team of ghost thieves in this latest installment of the acclaimed Persona series.

During the day you can enjoy high school life in the big city, spending your time however you like. The friendships you make with the people you meet will prove to be very useful in helping you fulfill your destiny!

After school, use the metaversal Navigator on your smartphone to infiltrate the Palaces, surreal worlds created by the hearts of corrupt adults, while living your double life as a Phantom Thieves.

Thanks to the power of the Personas, you can manipulate the minds of criminals by stealing the Treasure of their malevolent desires. Join your new friends in the struggle to reform society with your sense of justice!

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers will be released for PlayStation 4 e Nintendo Switch il February 20 2020 in Japan.

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