Persona 5 Royal - Sae Confidante's Guide (Judgment)

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Sae Niijima is Makoto's overprotective older sister and a young Tokyo city prosecutor.

She always encourages her sister to do her best in her studies, sometimes too harshly, but always for a good purpose.

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize the relationship with Sae (Arcane Judgment), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

This guide contains heavy spoilers on some parts of the game, avoid continuing if you are not at a good point with the story!

How to unlock the Confidante Sae Nijima

Sae introduces herself as a tall, young gray-haired woman with an overly serious character that often translates into a complete disregard for anything she doesn't think is important.

Confidante Sae Niijima will be unlocked automatically as you progress through the story.


Unlike the other characters in the story, it won't be possible to interact with Sae except during his interrogation.

Despite this, his Confidant's ranks will rise based on specific dates, pivotal events in history, and with the completion of the requirements to achieve the True Ending.

Special skills

Answers to questions

To reach Rank 10 with Confidante Sae Niijima you will have to avoid selling the members of the Phantom Thieves in the dialogues you have with her.

You will also have to refuse to cooperate with the enemy when asked in the Velvet Room!

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