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One of the main features of Person 5 Royal that unite it with the other titles of the Shin Megami Tensei series are the so-called Personae, entities from popular stories and mythological tales that are grouped into 23 groups, the Arcana.

In this guide we will examine the exponents of the Arcanum Hermit, examining the general characteristics of the game and its origins.

The Hermit Arcanum

The Hermit Arcanum is represented by an old man holding an unlit lantern in his hand. This figure is often associated with wisdom, also representing introspection, loneliness, retreat, and philosophical pursuits.

The Personae that fall into this Arcane usually use skills that inflict negative alterations on the opponents, giving a considerable advantage to the entire allied party.

As for their origins, however, they are often associated with the Hermit of the Personae inspired by mythological figures in spontaneous isolation or who work from behind the scenes.

In a very similar way, the individuals who belong to it hide from public life, embracing the aforementioned isolation for various personal reasons and helping friends and acquaintances from a distance.

The Confidante who represents this Arcane in Persona 5 Royal is Futaba Sakura, a very skilled hacker placed in self-isolation following the death of her mother.

During the story, she will be able to overcome her fears with the help of the Phantom Thieves, becoming the same part of the group (in the Metaverse she is called Oracle).

Personae table

All the Arcana of the game

In total, there are 23 Arcana in the title, each represented by a tarot card and a Confidant.

For more information on each of them, we refer you to all our guides on the subject:

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