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One of the main features of Person 5 Royal that unite it with the other titles of the Shin Megami Tensei series are the so-called Personae, entities from popular stories and mythological tales that are grouped into 23 groups, the Arcana.

In this guide we will examine the exponents of the Arcanum Temperance, examining the general characteristics of the game and its origins.

The Arcanum Temperance

This Arcanum is represented by a woman with angel wings who pours water into two cups, one blue and the other red. It symbolizes synthesis, prudence, harmony and the fusion of opposites.

The Personae of this Arcanum are often well balanced, offering the player incredible versatility for any situation that comes his way.

One of the main gameplay advantages they offer lies above all in their having often and willingly a good number of skills that enhance or nullify certain elements, making them very useful for obtaining Personae with few or no weaknesses.

They are often inspired by deities who have the task of keeping the balance of the world intact.

Individuals associated with this Arcanum have a hard time finding a balance in their life, whether it concerns work or hobbies.

The Confidante who represents Arcanum Temperance in Persona 5 Royal is Sadayo Kawakami, a young professor of the Shujin Academy forced to work in her lost time as a maid to repay the wrongs committed in the past.

Personae table

All the Arcana of the game

In total, there are 23 Arcana in the title, each represented by a tarot card and a Confidant.

For more information on each of them, we refer you to all our guides on the subject:

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