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One of the main features of Person 5 Royal that unite it with the other titles of the Shin Megami Tensei series are the so-called Personae, entities from popular stories and mythological tales that are grouped into 23 groups, the Arcana.

In this guide we will examine the exponents of the Arcanum High Priestess, examining the general characteristics of the game and its origins.

The Arcane Papessa

This tarot depicts an elderly woman holding a book, seated on a throne and surrounded by numerous drapes. In some older decks this card is also known as The Faith, but the Persona series has always distinguished the two courts.

In fact, like that card, this one also symbolizes this Theological Virtue of Christianity, but in the Popess it takes on a meaning of trust in knowledge and intellect.

In many of her representations the Popess does not turn her gaze towards the book, since she already possesses all the necessary knowledge, and keeps her eyes fixed on the future.

In the Persona series, this Arcanum marks women who are strong and hungry for knowledge, but also shy and modest. Their main feature, however, is patience and the ability to support the people they care about in every situation.

The Personae associated with this Arcanum specialize in healing and support skills, but also possess extremely high magical power.

In Persona 5 Royal the Confidant of the Arcanum Popess is Makoto Nijima, a third year student at Shujin Academy and president of the student council.

Her persona, Johanna, is based on the legendary Pope Joan, who inspired the first versions of this Arcanum.

Personae table

All the Arcana of the game

In total, there are 23 Arcana in the title, each represented by a tarot card and a Confidant.

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