Persona 5 Royal - Guide to Lockpicks and infiltration tools

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Just like in Persona 5, even in the Royal version, players will have the opportunity to create useful objects while exploring the various Palaces, namely the Infiltration tools.

Among these stands out the Lockpick, thanks to its use you will have the possibility to open the golden chests located in the various buildings.

You are now wondering what it takes to make it and how many lockpicks should you create? Don't worry, we explain everything to you!

How to make lockpicks

You can only build lockpicks once each night using the desk located in your room.

To be able to make them you will need the Ball of silk and Tin buckle. Finally, as your Dexterity stat rises, you will have the opportunity to create more and more.

In fact, an excessive number of Lockpicks can be almost superfluous, especially in the early stages of the game, but it is always better to abound.

Another good reason is the fact that in case you need more, you will have to spend one or more extra evenings that you could have used otherwise. Time management is one of the most important elements of Persona 5 Royal!

In the table below we list the number of picks that can be made with the various levels of dexterity:

List of chests located in the various buildings

Finally, to help you not to consume too many materials and at the same time not lose any gold chests, we have decided to list below, how many lockpicks you will need in each building to open all the chests:

Lockpicks can also be used inside Mementos, but as maps are randomly generated there is no fixed number of chests that require the tool.

You can still forge other items that are useful for exploration, such as “Goho-M” and “Smoke Wall”, even if they have very different uses!

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