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One of the main features of Person 5 Royal that unite it with the other titles of the Shin Megami Tensei series are the so-called Personae, entities from popular stories and mythological tales that are grouped into 23 groups, the Arcana.

In this guide we will examine the exponents of the Arcanum Fortuna, examining the general characteristics of the game and its origins.

The Arcanum Fortuna

Arcanum Fortuna is represented by a wheel of fortune with a sword in the center and symbolizes destiny, luck and opportunity.

The appearance of this card represents finding yourself in a situation in which you have to make an important decision that will change your life.

Based on which other card is paired with it, it can have a double meaning of great prosperity or ruin for the future, effectively serving as a double-edged sword.

The Personae of the Arcanum Fortuna are generally either inspired by mythological figures who control fate or are real containers of bad luck to stay away from.

Individuals associated with this Arcanum are often people who manage to challenge fate better than anyone else with enormous determination.

The Confidante who represents the Arcanum Fortuna in Persona 5 Royal is Chihaya Mifune, Shinjuku fortune teller who will often read the future to the protagonist of the story.

Personae table

All the Arcana of the game

In total, there are 23 Arcana in the title, each represented by a tarot card and a Confidant.

For more information on each of them, we refer you to all our guides on the subject:

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