Persona 5 Royal - Guida alla Confidant Sadayo Kawakami (Temperance)

Sadayo Kawakami is the protagonist's teacher. He will initially take a very cold attitude towards us, mainly because of our dirty criminal record.

However, after the events of Kamoshida, he will begin to be more and more kind towards us and to look after the protagonist, helping him with various services.

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize this Confidant (Arcane Temperance), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

How to unlock the Kawakami Confidante

It will be possible to unlock it on May 24, after Mishima will show you a flyer relating to a home maid service, of which she is a part.

It will be available on Friday and Saturday nights. To be able to use its services, just call it via the landline phone at LeBlanc.


Special skills

Answers to questions

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