Persona 5 Royal - Guida alla Confidant Futaba Sakura (Hermit)

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Futaba Sakura is a brilliant hacker who, due to her fear of the outside world, has withdrawn into herself, socializing only through the help of the internet.

During the events of Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, however, he will learn to trust people thanks to the encounter with the Joker and the Phantom Thieves.

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize this Confidant (Arcane Hermit), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

How to unlock Futaba Sakura's Confidant

Futaba Sakura is a young bespectacled girl with orange-dyed black hair reaching her hips. He often rides in winter clothes and a pair of AKG K845BT headphones with red ear pads.

Futaba is a Hikikomori, that is, a person who does not attend school and who practically never leaves his room, in a sort of self-isolation from the rest of the real world.

This situation was caused by a trauma linked to his past, which he will be able to overcome thanks to the help of the Phantom Thieves.

His Persona is Necronomicon (of the arcane Hermit) and can evolve first into Prometheus and then, from Persona 5 Royal, into Al Azif.

You can begin to deepen your bond with Futaba by unlocking Akihabara on day 8/31.

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