Persona 5 Royal - Finals Guide and How to Unlock the New Semester

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Along with all the innovations introduced by Atlus in Persona 5 Royal, new alternative endings have been added, which are included in those already present within Persona 5.

Put simply, the real ending of the game will be reachable from the third semester, new introduction of this re-release, which adds a fairly important piece of history.

In this guide we will explain step by step how to get them all, in order to have a complete experience regarding the adventures of the Phantom Thieves.

The endings of the base game

The only difference Royal made with regards to the old endings is the elimination of the previous True Ending, replaced with a new one that we will see later.

There are therefore three endings from the base game, two Bad Ending and a Good Ending.

First Bad Ending: Failing the change of heart

The first Bad Ending, and undoubtedly one of the easiest to obtain, will be unlocked when we fail to make a change of heart to one of the various bosses of each Palace.

In this case, a short cutscene will start in which we will be joined by policemen, only to be killed by a gunshot inside the interrogation room.

Second Bad Ending: Selling Out the Phantom Thieves

The second Bad Ending will instead be unlocked if we decide to sell our fellow Phantom Thieves to Sae Niijima after completing his Palace.

In this case, the ending achieved will be very similar to the previous Bad Ending, with the difference that this time we will clearly see that the gunshot will be fired by Akechi.

Good Ending: Accepting the proposal of the God of Control

The first and only Good Ending of the basic version is unlocked instead by accepting the proposal of the God of Control once, after passing the Mementos after Shido's palace, it will be revealed inside the Velvet Room on December 24th.

We will in fact be asked if we would like to return the world to its original chaotic state, with the people cheering on the exploits of the Phantom Thieves.

Once the proposal is accepted, a short cutscene will start in which people will praise the Phantom Thieves, with the protagonist throwing a malicious smile.

The new endings

In Persona 5 Royal, two alternative endings have been added, namely a Good Ending and a True Ending which replaces that of the base game.

To get them you will need to unlock the third semester fulfilling four requirements before November 18th (11/18):

  1. Bring the Confidant Takuto Maruki at Rank 9
  2. Bring the Confidant Goro Akechi at Rank 8
  3. Bring the Confidant Kasumi Yoshizawa at Rank 5
  4. Don't blame the Phantom Thieves during Sae's interrogation

Both finals will take place on January 9th and will equally donate the trophy "The path I have chosen ". So let's see how to get them.

Spoilers from the next paragraph follow, if you are interested in knowing how to unlock the real ending, once you have followed the steps listed above, you just need to know that you will have to refuse quite obvious offers.

In case you still have doubts, please continue reading.

Good Ending: Accept Takuto Maruki's proposal

This new ending will be unlocked when you accept Takuto Maruki's proposal twice, just before the bossfight against Cinderella.

By doing this, you will agree to live within Takuto's fictional reality, and the game will first advance through February 3rd and then March 15th, showing the Phantom Thieves happily spending their days.

True Ending: Reject Takuto Maruki's proposal and face him as a boss

This ending is a bit more complicated to unlock than the previous one.

First of all, the offer of Takuto Maruki and complete the new Palace before the deadline on February 9th. Next, Takuto must be defeated in a new bossfight.

The final obtained is almost identical to the True Ending original, but features slightly different scenes that include both Takuto himself and Sumire.

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