Persona 5 Royal - Confidante's Guide Makoto Niijima (Popess)

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Makoto Niijima is a student and student council president, as well as a member of the infamous

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize this Confidant (Arcane Popess), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

How to unlock the Makoto Confidante

Makoto Niijima is a young girl and student of the Shujin Academy.

Despite being considered arrogant and manipulative by other students, she has a protective character towards those around her, which she expresses best thanks to her position at the head of the student council.

You can deepen your bond with Makoto after completing the Kaneshiro Palace, and it is required to have at least the Rank 3 in Knowledge (Scholar).


Special skills

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