Persona 5 Royal - Confidante Chihaya Mifune's Guide (Luck)

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Chihaya Mifune is a fortune teller and has a stall in Shinjuku. When she was younger, she was often discriminated against because of her unfailing ability to predict the future.

In this guide, we will explain how to maximize this Confidant (Arcane Fortune), specifying the bonuses we will get as we develop it.

The guide may still contain material in English or slight inaccuracies, which we invite you to report in the comments!

How to unlock the Confidante Chihaya Mifune

Chihaya Mifune has purple eyes, long blond hair and a large navy blue headband. Wear a necklace with a small red teardrop-like jewel.

After unlocking his confidant, you can also use the Good Luck Reading during the day for 5.000 Yen. Unlike other daily activities, reading does not pass the time.

Confidant Chihaya Mifune will be unlocked after speaking to her on 06/22 in Shinjuku and after completing her side quest "A Violent Boyfriend".


Special skills

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