Persona 5 Royal - Change the World UK Trailer Released

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Atlus recently released an English trailer for Person 5 Royal called Change the World.

This new promotional video shows the new character Kasumi Yoshizawa and some scenes from the original game.

Please note that Person 5 Royal will be available in the West starting in March 31 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

For more information on the English version of the title, we refer you to our articles onlatest trailer released and on gameplay of about an hour in English recorded by Gematsu.

If you also want to know more about the series of Person in general, we invite you to read our review by Persona 5 e our in-depth article on the series.

Kasumi shows up in a new promotional video

The trailer opens with Kasumi Yoshizawa, the new character introduced in Persona 5 Royal, who seems to address a sort of threat to one or more entities, receiving a response from a female voice soon after.

The sequence itself hides too much of the context in which it is inserted to be able to understand what these words mean, however, from how the trailer is edited, it seems almost a sequence of awakening a Persona, which would therefore confirm that the voice feminine that you hear is that of Cinderella.

The fact, however, that the entire scene takes place inside the alleged new final Palace, despite being known from Royal prologue that she is already capable of becoming a Heart Thief much earlier, raises further doubts about it.

However, we may be faced with a case in which she will not be able to summon Cendrillon until the last events of the game, a bit like Haru who, before joining the Thieves of Heart, fails to make Milady take shape.

A further confirmation of this could also be given by the fact that, after this sequence, several clips are shown taken directly from the awakening of the Personae di Makoto, Ann e Yusuke.

Subsequently, several gameplay sequences are shown in quick succession showing some of the innovations introduced in the title, such as the grapple, Baton Touch and new final palace mentioned above, all accompanied by two speeches, one by Morgana and one by Igor.

With the conclusion of the trailer, Atlus reminds us that it is still possible to pre-order the Launch Edition of the game, which includes a Steelbook and a PlayStation 4 theme.

Updated: a clip of the trailer with localization in Italian has been posted on Atlus West's Twitter profile.

Wake Up! Tear off your mask, join the Phantom Thieves heist and change the world in # P5R.

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