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The manga Person 5: Mementos Mission by Rokuro Saito will have bonuses in its retail edition: one mini color paper it's a'illustration of the characters.

Volume 2 of the manga, of which it was also revealed the cover, will arrive on March 27, also in a retail edition, which will present particular illustrations of its main characters. Unlike the Persona 5 manga, moreover, of which we have a practical review, it will not follow the events of the game.

Persona 5: Mementos Mission will follow completely original adventures starring the Phantom Thief of the title of Atlus.

It is not in fact an adaptation, but a spin-off, unlike Persona 5 Scramble, recently released in Japan and of which demo we wrote a tried, on which position in the series clarified the Game Director Daisuke Kanada.

The choice of the Japanese company to release so many sequels to its original JRPG title for PlayStation 4 is reasonable, however, as demonstrated by the amazing sales of Scramble in Japan.

The bonuses of the Persona 5: Mementos Mission retail edition

These bonuses are one mini color paper (a particular form of postcard) with Akechi and Ren, and a 'illustration with Ren, Ryuji and Yusuke. They are therefore new illustrations that are added to the Persona 5 Scramble concept art revealed this week.

As for the plot of this volume, we described it this way when it was revealed.

"In this volume Makoto and Haru infiltrate the maid café"Alice’s Apron"To investigate an alleged abuse perpetrated on female students.

Meanwhile, in Shibuya, the son of a gun shop owner, Munehisa Iwai, is involved with a mysterious man who seems to control the events behind the scenes. Also in this volume the Phantom Thieves will have to deal with many accidents.

They will be able to discover the truth, enter the "Mementos" Palace and reform it? Ren Amamiya, on the other hand, will have to manage between the studio and his days as a Phantom Thief! "

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