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PC Football is the most successful game in the history of Spain. It was released for PC at the end of January. The new proposal is based on the game of 2001, which is the one that most faithfully reflects the essence of what PC Football was, and which has undergone numerous changes and refocuses throughout its life. The look and feel of PC Football is reminiscent of classic PC games, and as previously announced, it moves away from the 3D simulation side of games to focus solely on the management interface.


The game does not have real names of players and teams, although there is the possibility to edit them. Also, as it was usual in previous games of the franchise, PC Football allows to have control over the whole team, from the medical director to the scout, as well as to define even the most detailed parameters of the operation of the club (salary limits, sponsors or merchandising).

  • No real names

PC Soccer does not have licenses that allow the use of real player names, although the developers have said that they can be easily changed thanks to the databases that are still maintained by the community.

We understand that the cost of being able to do this officially would have had an unbearable impact on the price of each unit in the game.

It has nine leagues: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Mexican, American, Brazilian and Argentinean. If we choose the home league we can play in First, Second and Second B.

Michael Robinson is still the face of the game, and the face of the former player and sports commentator is almost as iconic as the name of the game.

  • No 3D simulator

The essence of this game was never the game itself, but the management of teams, results and ultimately the creation of a sports project. That is why PC Football does not have a 3D simulator and focuses on team management.


This is an approach with many possibilities but, in reality, the experience is much more strategic and dynamic.

PC Fútbol was founded in 1992 by the company Dinamic Multimedia. With this small sports management simulator that was presented on a 3.5-inch floppy disk, one of the biggest success stories in the Spanish video game industry began. Its PC Soccer 6 and PC Soccer 7 editions achieved sales of more than 350,000 units, which was largely due to their reduced price and the fact that they were sold at kiosks.

Dinamic Multimedia was in charge of the series until PC Soccer 2001. Later, the Barcelona companies Gaelco Multimedia and Planeta DeAgostini took over the franchise. Some of the original members of that team are part of the study that has made possible this return.

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Among the outstanding features of PC Football is the ability to record games in the cloud to play simultaneously on both computer and mobile devices. Once inside the simulator, its creators promise a game management system with more than 250 variables, as well as renewed statistics of evaluation and player parameters.


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