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Parasite Eve it's a video game developed for Sony Playstation in 1998 from Squaresoft, now Square Enix. The videogame is inspired by the novel of the same name written by Hideaki Sena, from which a film was also made.

Parasite Eve was never imported in Europe but had a sequel in 200, Parasite Eve II, which was instead distributed both in Europe and in Italy, in Italian. The story of the game takes place over six days between 24 and 29 December 1997, in New York. The protagonist is the young policewoman Aya Brea, who is at Carnegie Hall to attend a play performed by the sensual Melissa Pearce.
As Melissa acts, many spectators are self-ignited. Aya is attacked by numerous monsters and animals mutated by Melissa's special powers, whose real name is Eve. The woman suddenly turns into a monster and escapes, hiding in the sewers of the Big Apple.

Parasite Eve is essentially a action role-playing video game (action-RPG) featuring experience points, leveling up, spells and character characteristics. Its atmospheres are from survival horror and the character used is Agent Brea.

On Day 4, at St. Francis Hospital, on your first visit to the room where you meet a nurse and patient (the room just after you enter), check behind the locker at the top of the room. You will find a sticker, but if you keep looking you will find an additional sticker each time. This trick only works once though.

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