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Paper Mario, which in Japan is known as Mario Story, is a role-playing video game developed for Nintendo 64 da Intelligent Systems and instead published by Nintendo itself in 2000.

That year the video game came out in Japan in August, in Europe in October and in North America only in February 2001. The game is set in the Kingdom of Mushrooms: the protagonist is Mario, busy saving Princess Peach from Bowser. 
To do so, he must locate seven Star Spirits to nullify the effects of the stolen Star Rod, which grants Bowser invincibility. In addition to Mario, the player also controls a number of characters who help the mustachioed plumber defeat enemies in a turn-based combat system. Characteristic of Paper Mario is the combination of RPG elements with others typical of classic Mario games.

While in Toad Village, go right from the post office. You will see 3 blue creatures. The one on the left moves its eyes, the other two don't. Walk in a circle around the one that moves the eyes to receive more and more hearts.

First, get the Super Boots. Then go to Mario's house through Toad's village and step on the floor in Mario and Luigi's bedroom. You will see a tile moving: step on it and a passage will open that leads to Luigi's basement, where his secret diary is hidden.

In the Boo Mansion, go through the door with the large jar. Jump into the jar and Mario in NES version will appear. Leave the room to return to your normal features.

Paper Mario - Nintendo 64


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