Palicos' Build Guide of Monster Hunter Generations

Also this week we come back to Monster Hunter Generations But today's protagonists will be the Palico, the adorable companion felines protagonists of Capcom's hunting game.
Generations has introduced the possibility to play as a Felyne who despite their small size is much stronger than normal hunters.

What are their characteristics?

  • They can go underground and are immune to monster attacks (they will come out with roars or earthquakes).
  • They have 2 acorns that come back to life after being knocked out. A kitten has to consume both acorns to pass out.
  • They do not have a stamina bar.
  • They do not need fresh / hot drinks.
  • They can always see where the monster is on the map.
  • They cannot use objects.

The Palico are divided into different categories but the most useful are Combat and Assistance. Felyne Combat at the maximum level (50) have +30 in attack and defense, while the Assistance ones fill the support bars faster. They are both valid, so you can decide freely.

Skills and moves

Character study.

The fight of the Palico is mainly based on the Boomerangs, which can be loaded by holding A.

The essential skills to have are:

  • Boomerang expert, increases the charging speed of boomerangs and the distance they can travel.
  • Affinity S (1 slot, 10%) and Affinity L (2 slots, 20%) these two abilities can accumulate.
  • World Champion, increase weapon base attack x1.5 and base defense x2.0, but do not use armor.
  • Caps, they don't have a + version, but they protect against all roars except when you're underground and abilities that boost the attack, even if they're still below the critics.

While for the moves you must always aim for:

  • Turbo Boomerang and Super Boomerang. One increases the size and attack, the other makes the boomerangs piercing by increasing the number of hits.
  • Emergency retreat, heal by going underground with an invincible animation. Also cures from any elemental blight and status.
  • Horn grass and Bombay Manure.
  • Traps, the kittens have the classic traps and a new covered trap that poisons the monster. They also have endless soporific bombs for capture missions, just get close to the captured monster and press A.
  • Prrressant Fury (fighting cats only).
    Furyne Furyne will put the cat into Furyne Furyne mode immediately. They can enter it even without using that move. The Palico have an invisible bar that fills up getting hit by monsters and allies, once filled there will be an invincible animation of 8/9 seconds. In Felyne Furyne mode you get a 15% affinity boost, the support bar fills up faster and you earn earplugs.
    To quickly level the Caecus the most suitable mission is the Caecus X fighter, which will increase by 2 levels in a few minutes using the Nibel hammer.

Weapons / Boomerang best for each element

Some sketches of the Felyne sets.

Raw: Stella Ventus FS
Fire: Lancia Agnaktor FR or Lama Rex FS
Water: Nibel FS Hammer
Ice: Nix FS Stick
Thunder: Lagia FR again
Dragon: Le Chatphrodite F
Blast: Cinerei F moustache
Poison: FS Garuga fan.
With the Fan and the Star, the cat will exceed 330 attacks on boomerangs! Remember that even if you can't use the items, keeping the amulet, demon spur and armor in your inventory will still have an effect.

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