Pacybits FUT 20 Guide to Pink Creation and Free Players

Pink Creation Guide in Pacybits FUT 20 | Pacybits FUT 20 , available on iOS and Android devices, is both a stand-alone game and an unofficial app for FIFA Ultimate Team. The app was created so you can simulate team building, open card packs, collect players and learn how to build the best possible team in the FUT without actually spending your coins in the FUT itself.

Not only can you build competitive roses and collect cards, but you can also participate in Versus Mode matches against both AI and other players. You can earn coins, try to collect all the cards in the game, participate in Challenges mode creating pink and much more.

In this guide we see how to create the best roses without spending real money, opening free packages and getting players in a free way.

How to download Pacybits FUT 20 | To download the game go to -> App Store | Google Play.

Pacybits FUT 20 | Guide to roses and player packs

The importance of duplicates

For starters, if you're an expert or just a fan of EA football games, what you'll need to do in Pacybits is simple enough. One of the first things to do is go to the card pack section and open a lot of them until you have at least 100. Once you have that many, you can play in versus mode, both against AI and other players.

The more you have, the more chances you already have a competitive roster. Surely in this way you will have a lot of duplicate cards, which are the only ones that can be used in the Pink Creation Challenges or online transactions, such as trading. So accumulate as many duplicates as possible.

Pacybits FUT 20 | Infinite free packages

You can get unlimited free card packages in the Open Packages section, but the really rare things come from the Store, where you can spend your coins and credits on rare packages or open card packages that you received as gifts. Go to the My Packages tab and open everything there, then go to the Buy Packages and Lightning Rounds sections to get some of the rarer packages.

The rarest cards, however, probably come from the Challenges mode creating roses. Go here and you can exchange an entire team for an extremely rare card or exchange a team with players who all belong to a specific league. Depending on the player there will also be different conditions to be met to win challenges, such as having players from different teams, leagues or countries, as well as a specific team chemistry and overall score.

How to increase team chemistry

To build a team with great chemistry, add players that are connected in some way, such as those from the same country, the same league or the same team as the adjacent player. If you get green lines between the players, you are doing it in the correct way. Also make sure that each player is in his natural position (AT in the role of central forward, COC in the role of quarterback and so on). Their image will be framed in green if placed correctly.

When you run the Pink Creation Challenges mode and try to create a team, you'll have to pay attention to all of these factors, since you won't be able to turn your team into a competitive team if it doesn't meet all of the above requirements. You'll need VERY players for this, so you should also spend a lot of time opening the free packages first, to make things easier.

Complete daily goals

Be sure to search and complete the daily and weekly goals. Both are in the Single Player area and both are excellent sources of high level card packs, coins and free credits.

One of the best elements of this game is the social aspect. You can make friends with other players, trade and more. A good way to find people and cards is to go to the comments section and post, go to the Pacybits subreddit, Discord Pacybits or the various custom Pacybits groups on social media.

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