Overwatch : Season 5 and Heroes Guide

The competitive season Overwatch 5 is looming over us, with all the stress and satisfaction that comes with it.
We of ,, as if it was not already complicated enough to maintain jobs and affections, keeping the space to play, we decided to draw up a small and simple guide to prepare all users who want to take advantage of the jungle that are the competitive games of the wonderful work of Blizzard.

Overwatch Season 5: Skill Rating and Placements

Welcome to Season 5 of Overwatch

No particular changes have been announced in the format of placing or climbing within the ranked this season, as a result, just like last season, as a result of the canonical ten games of placing will develop two possible scenarios:

  • in case it is the first competitive season in which you participate, you will be assigned a precise Skill Rating, based on your own results, on average to the world ones, with the heroes used (victories, performances, opponents level)
  • in case of previous placement, you will be placed approximately where the previous season had ended, more or less high depending on the above criteria, but not too far from there.

Exactly as in the previous season, the SR score boost for the first victories should remain active.

Overwatch season 5 - Skill Rating Tier

Completely unchanged the tried and tested Skill Rating Tier system, below is a table with the level advancement steps and competitive points that will provide at the end of the season.

Skill Rating Tier table of (source Overwatch : Overwatch Wiki)

Overwatch Season 5 - Goal and selection of heroes

One of the focal points of Overwatch is teamwork and, consequently, knowing how to build (even without necessarily being a team of friends) a team, which you will often hear called Comp, short for Composition, as functional and interconnected as possible.
We will try to give you a little help and suggestions on which heroes are best suited to the various purposes and how, perhaps, to fill the holes left by your teammates.

DISCLAIMER: remember first of all to select the hero that best suits your style of play and skills, secondly look at what the team needs and, during the game, try to understand what is preventing you from reaching your goal and, in case, do not be afraid to change hero to solve the problem.

Tier 1 (most used and indispensable heroes in every team)


Lucio (support): The Brazilian DJ doesn't stop being one of the most used heroes (by pros and not) and unavoidable since his debut.
The reason is really simple: care and acceleration AoE (although decreased in the last nerf, but with the most powerful effect) that provide both defensive and offensive support to virtually the entire team at all times, especially if in combo with Ana and an Ultimate very important for the fate of a push.
Counter: Mei, McCree, Winston...

Tier 2 (widely used and useful heroes in any situation)


Reinhardt (tank): Especially in the Payload mode of transport, and at not very high levels, the presence of the German Crusader and its shield is practically indispensable.
Its hammer is an excellent source of damage and its charge breaks through the shields and breaks the enemy ranks (especially indicated the use of the charge in combination with Zarya's defensive projection).
And his greeting is the most beautiful of all.
Counter: Reaper, Roadhog, Phara

Winston (tank): With the arrival of the so-called Dive Meta the monkey of our hearts has jumped incredibly high in this ranking; he is probably the best harrasser of this game, thanks to his jumps and his ability to survive he becomes a real pain in the ass for the opponent healers.
Counter: Roadhog, Reaper, Pharah

Soldier 76 (offense): he is without doubt the hero with the most immediate approach of all in FPS, although not so easy to use. despite the recent, small, nerf is still useful almost everywhere. his immediate damage, his ability to run and his area care always make him a solid pick in doubt.
Counter: Genji, Roadhog, Mei

Tracer (offense): always thanks to the ascent of the Dive Meta, the jealous eriona, symbol of Overwatch she's back to the top of her game on all levels.
In the right hands it can distract and split any team in two, thanks to its speed and its bite and run style perfect for separating the healers from the group or distracting the tanks.
Counter: McCree, Mei, Private 76.

Tier 3 (very useful heroes to keep in mind)


Ana (support): he was one of the most variable heroes in the game, from unused to indispensable in Season 3, now he remains, however, perhaps the most powerful healer of the game thanks to his Biotic Grenade, able to increase the care of his companions and prevent opponents from using them. Also fundamental is his soporific dart (able to interrupt practically any Ultimate opponent) his Ultimate in combos with different characters.
Counter: Genji, Winston, Tracer

D.Va (tank): The basic assumption is that we all love, right? That's perfect.
The little Korean girl has been in our hearts since the time of the Beta and her continuous ups and downs pains us a lot, she is also particularly suitable for Dive Comp, thanks to her mobility and her defensive matrix.
Counter: Mei, Zenyatta, Roadhog

Zenyatta (support): other benefited from the new goal, probably the best offensive support available, absolutely unsuitable to be mono-healer. Very useful for its ability to demolish enemies (especially tanks) at a distance thanks to the use of its Globes of Discord, excellent antidote, along with another hitscan to the Pharah-Mercy combo.
Counter: Winston, Tracer, Widowmaker

Pharah (offense): So: missiles from the sky with embarrassing direct damage, ability to fly and escape, and the ability to push or push enemies away by shooting from the sky, it already seems enough, right?
To all this we add that (after the recent nerf of Soldier 76 and Ana) the coupling with Mercy, especially at low and medium levels is basically immortal.
Counter: McCree, Zenyatta, Soldier 76, Ana

Mercy (support): Potentially even higher than that in the ranking, it depends on the level at which you play and your communication with the team.
Excellent his ability to care, as well as that of buff (especially in couple with Pharah). His Ultimate is able to resurrect every dead player in the neighborhood, fairly hated, but also a little too fishable.
Counter: McCree, Tracer, Widowmaker, Winston, Genji...

Genji (offense): even the ninja who needs live care of Dive Comp, if used properly is a constant thorn in the side of the healer, but also of the rest of the team, thanks to mobility and sustained damage. His Ultimate in combo with those of Zarya or Ana is lethal.
Counter: Mei, Zarya, Winston

Tier 4 (situational use heroes or useful if they are known at a loss)


Roadhog (tank): Evergreen character, the Australian butcher was born not to let people live, living in constant search of opponents out of position to attract with his hook. Lethal for inattentive support and tank shields and equipped with the ability to heal himself. If you master it, it's almost never a bad choice.
Counter: Tracer, Reaper, Widowmaker

Zarya (tank): the Russian beast has been a must pick for almost all previous seasons, in this one its use tends to decline due to its slowness, but in a classic comp she will always make sense thanks to her ability to absorb damage and protect her companions with her offensive projections. In addition to the Ultimate probably more useful than the whole game.
Counter: Pharah, Roadhog, Reaper

McCree (offense): hitscan with excellent damage and good range, if used properly is able to pierce a team, excellent his stun grenade to avoid escape to an opponent. his Ultimate is, unfortunately, one of the most readable and counterable in the game.
Counter: Genji, Private 76, Widowmaker

Tier 5 (situational heroes or those requiring great knowledge)


Mei (defense): excellent jammer, good control of the masses thanks to its walls and its ultimate, in some situations where it is important to stable can really make a difference.
Counter: Junkrat, Widowmaker, Pharah...

Sombra (offense): despite the role they've cut out, the Hispanic hacker can make a real difference in defense, especially on some maps, if used with care and in perfect harmony with the team, thanks to his ability to hack medikits and his Ultimate that erases any ability of those within range of his EMP grenade.
Counter: Winston, Roadhog, Pharah

Widowmaker (defense): great for looking for an immediate entry kill, it's rarely a sustainable pick for an entire game, due to its fragility and the constant need for support from companions. In the right hands, on the other hand, it is able to drag a team alone.
Counter:, Genji, Winston

Symmetra (support): the architect most hated by the community is, up to the average levels, a very credible member for each team, due to lack of focus on his drones and her, his Teleport remains the most useful weapon in his arsenal, thanks to the ability to quickly bring the whole team in the middle of the fight on one point.
Counter: Winston, Roadhog, Pharah (in general the team's focus on you)

Torbjorn (defense): the dwarf svede (loved by the community) is another great example of situational pick, in some places (e.g. Numbani's first one) if in smart hands it can be really incredibly useful, thanks to its turret and its ability to provide armor to teammates.
Counter: Hanzo, Junkrat, Widowmaker

Reaper (offense): one of the main candidates to climb this ranking, thanks to the recent buff received that will allow him to become immune by reloading automatic reload his shotgun, the Mexican killer is, currently, an excellent counter for almost every tank.
Counter: Junkrat, McCree, Pharah

Hanzo (defense): cross and delight of this game, complicated character, other candidate to rise in the rankings following the last buff received, which makes it more capable of doing damage, the Japanese Archer makes clearly better in attack than in defense, his Ultimate, if combined with that of Zarya, can have a good impact.
Counter: Winston, Tracer, Genji

Bastion (defense): very variable goal for this hero, depending on the levels, the lower they are, the more useful it will be. Once you learn how to play against it, it becomes much easier to deal with it, although, if picked by surprise, is able to completely destroy an enemy team.
Counter: Genji, Tracer, Roadhog...

Orisa: still too young to be fully known, in the right hands it can be very useful, especially for the ability to make environmental kills, unfortunately the small number of its HP, not regenerable, makes it a bit too easy to pull down, compared to the remaining tanks.
Counter: Private 76, Reaper,

Junkrat (defense): Hero with survival skills too low to be permanently used, but that, especially in the second defense points of several maps can make absolute debacles, especially if picked by surprise in the middle of the battle.
Counter: Genji, Pharah, Widowmaker

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