Overwatch: Pharah's Heroes Guide

Real name: Fareeha Amari

Age: 32

Profession: Security Manager

Base of operations: Giza, Egypt

Affiliation: Helix Security International

Health points: 200

Skills and key points

Pharah is an offensive hero with great mobility, he is the only character able to fly the map (Mercy simply moves from one ally to another) and is able to inflict great damage thanks to his main weapon. Pharah is not particularly difficult to master, it doesn't require much precision but of course it also has some weaknesses that can give you quite a few problems. But let's start, as always, with skill analysis:

- Thrusters: the most interesting basic skill of Pharah, by activating it you can exploit the thrusters of your jetpack to the maximum power and make a huge jump. Thanks to this ability you can reach extremely high positions and control the battlefield below you, your vertical displacement speed is very high and therefore you are virtually invulnerable until you stabilize in mid-air. This ability is extremely useful for escaping complicated situations but the reload time is pretty heavy so try to use it only when you need it. After reaching maximum elevation you can stay suspended by holding the jump button, our advice is to use this ability to flush out enemies in distant positions (snipers for example) and clean up.

- Explosive Download: With this skill Pharah can shoot a small rocket, its main function is not to inflict damage but to repel enemies by throwing them back. This ability can be extremely useful in control mode, you can use it to make your opponents lose a few seconds putting your allies in an advantage position. We're certainly not talking about the most interesting skill in the game, that's true, but it can still be useful.

- Rain of Fire (super): A devastating skill and also beautiful to behold. Activating it Pharah will download a huge series of rockets hitting a rather large area, with this ability it's easy to make two or more kills and you can safely clear a disputed area of the map. Be careful though, because there's a big problem: while using the fire rain you're almost motionless and you're highly vulnerable, it often happens that the Pharah super is interrupted (especially when it's used in flight). We invite you to never use this ability immediately after the activation of the Super Soldier-76, we know that it is very difficult not to expose yourself too much during the rain of fire so it's all a matter of timing. The ideal is to activate the super while the enemies are engaged against the allies, in this way they will not have time to detect you and you can do what you have to.

Armament and conclusions

Pharah has only one weapon at its disposal, a large missile launcher capable of inflicting area damage. Direct hits seriously damage enemies but never kill them on the spot, sending a rocket is quite difficult but fortunately the area damage is also high. Pharah is the perfect hero to fight groups of enemies close to each other, it's always difficult to understand where his rockets come from and to find a suitable countermeasure takes some time. You can take advantage of the rocket launcher both on the ground and in flight, hitting the targets when you are immobile is certainly easier but moving in the air you will be much less vulnerable: all the characters in the game (snipers excluded) struggle to hit Pharah when he is not on the ground, his movements are often very fast and the range of weapons is insufficient. Flying, moreover, you can take advantage of the enormous mobility of this hero to try a bypass and bomb the enemies behind you, making life easier for your allies.

When you're in flight, as we've already said, you can keep in the air by holding down the jump button but doing so you'll consume fuel: Pharah, in fact, can't fly forever and needs to turn off the thrusters to recharge them. The fuel at your disposal is not much but it is restored quickly when you do not use the jetpack, always pay attention to the level clearly indicated on the interface and do not try to reach areas too far away.

The perfect support for Pharah is undoubtedly Mercy, a character who can easily reach her by flying and increase already high damage. With this hero you can easily shoot down tanks and static heroes like Bastion, but thanks to area damage you won't even struggle against more mobile characters like Reaper or Tracer. Your worst enemies are the snipers (you're too easy a target for them) and Soldier-76 when he activates his super.

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