Overwatch- Heroes Guide: Torbjörn

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Real name: Torbjorn Lindholm.

Age: 57

Profession: Weapons designer

Base of operations: Gothenburg, Sweden

Affiliation: Overwatch (previous)

Health points: 200

Skills and key points

Torbjorn is a curious mix between Bastion and Symmetra, a defensive hero who can also play a supporting role. This seemingly easy to use character hides great pitfalls and can be easily overruled by opponents if not properly exploited. We're talking about a hero with absolutely unique abilities capable alone of making dozens of kills, but let's start as always from the analysis of individual skills.

Warning: Torbjorn's turret base damage will soon be reduced by 30% on console. This nerf certainly reduces the effectiveness of the character, but we believe that the dear Swedish dwarf will not leave the scene for so little...

-Torretta: Torbjorn's most interesting and useful skill. By activating it, the dwarf can place a large turret that can inflict a lot of damage to all passing enemies. A couple of clarifications: the turret can be easily upgraded with one of the weapons available to the hero, the rate of fire is not even remotely comparable to that of Bastion but it's still not bad, its range is quite high and you can hit even distant enemies and, finally, the turret is able to aim and shoot at 360 degrees. After placing it you won't have to do anything, the enemy heroes will be automatically hooked and the turret, just like Symmetra's, will work alone. Unlike the position placed by the support hero just mentioned, however, Torbjorn's turret has a more than satisfactory health, inflicts much more damage and can be easily repaired and upgraded. On the other hand, you can't spam them around the map like Symmetra, but such a capability would have made the dwarf definitely uncontrollable.

- Armor module: pure support ability, activating it Torbjorn can leave on the ground armor modules that provide additional armor to all allies. This ability can save the lives of you and other team members, but is often snubbed by less experienced players. To produce the modules you need to collect the wreckage scattered on the battlefield.

- Blazing Core (super): killer ability in critical moments of the game, activating it Trobjorn and his turret are transformed becoming stronger than ever. The dwarf's health becomes very high and the damage inflicted increases significantly, while the turret starts firing rockets and gets additional armour. The time in which this mode remains active is very good (12 seconds) and allows you to make a massacre with your main weapon.

Your speed of movement, attack and construction increases considerably and you can collect and exploit a large number of wreckage scattered around the battlefield.

Our advice is to use this super in the most critical moments, when the enemies are about to break through and you're giving everything to fend them off: you could turn the tide of the fight.

Armament and conclusions

Torbjorn has two weapons, one with two fire modes. The main one is a gun capable of firing long range glowing nails or ejecting a short-range molten metal discharge: the damage inflicted is not the best and it takes good accuracy, but with a little practice you can bring home some kill.

The second weapon is the hammer, a tool used mainly to build and upgrade turrets but which, if necessary, can also be used in close combat. Also in this case the damage inflicted is quite low and killing someone with the hammer is quite difficult. The magazine and the range of your main weapon are satisfactory, Torbjorn is effective on short/medium distance but it suffers a lot against the more mobile characters (punctually knocked out by the turrets).

This hero requires a great knowledge of the game's maps, the positioning for the turret is crucial and it takes some time to choose the best point. If you have a tank like Reinhardt in the team and you have to protect an area try to make the most of it, do not always place it in the same corner and, if possible, do not go too far away to be ready to repair it.

Your worst enemy is undoubtedly Pharah: a couple of his rockets will blow your works so if you find yourself against this hero place the turrets indoors (if possible of course). The perfect support for you is Zenyatta, a hero who can cure you and make life more difficult for your enemies.

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