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Overwatch is a game apparently very accessible, anyone can choose a character and have fun without too much thought. After a few games, however, you immediately understand that appearances are deceiving and when you meet the first organized teams you suffer sound defeats. So in this first game guide we try to give some advice to newcomers in an attempt to help them understand some simple principles. Ready? Let's get started!

The battle is won during loadings

You are about to start a game and you have to choose a hero, who do you take? Your favorite? Correct answer, but not always. Also look at your teammates and try to understand what the team lacks to be really competitive. If, for example, there are already two tanks, avoid taking a third one, if you only have attack characters aiming at a support, if you have to defend yourself and you don't even have a sniper or a healer, act accordingly. A heavily unbalanced team has already lost at the start, so don't be selfish and try to give your team what it needs.

Changes in motion

In Overwatch the games have continuous changes in front of you and you are always faced with different situations. If you realize that the other team has a composition that can perfectly counteract your own try to revolutionize everything by completely changing approach (abandoning your tank for a support, for example). In case there is an opponent who is making disasters with a certain hero, you should also try to stop him with the right hero. An example? If there's a Bastion that's grinding kill, try confronting him with Genji...

Don't be shy

Overwatch is not a game in which you have to be silent, at the beginning of each game you will be immediately included in the team voice chat and our advice is to use it as much as possible. Report the position of your opponents, call back your allies at one point, ask for treatment and make yourself heard. You don't have a microphone? Don't worry, you can use the pre-set phrases in the game: they won't allow you to create particularly elaborate strategies, but for basic communications they'll do just fine.

Preemptive war

When you have to defend yourself, you'll have a chance to position yourself to wait for the enemy to arrive. Our advice is to study the maps first (maybe in games against the I.A.), choose the point you think is best and wait for the doors to open. At this point there are two possible situations: if the opponents know what they are doing they will not immediately throw themselves out at random, they will first send the tank or a character pumped by Mercy and then they will leave at the most appropriate time. If not... well, make sure you have a full loader first.

Victory in overtime

There are very few seconds left in the game and you're one step away from winning? Don't give up! In Overwatch there are also extra time that will guarantee you a few more seconds to try to bring home the result, so don't waste time and throw yourself into the fray.

Try to believe

Overwatch offers 21 heroes beautifully characterized with unique powers, it is virtually impossible not to find even one suitable for the occasion. Our advice, therefore, is not to focus only on one or two characters but to try them all in rotation, gradually improving in exploiting the individual skills of each. This way in the toughest games you won't have any difficulty in choosing any of the 21 heroes and you can easily fight your opponent.

A television for every occasion

In there Overwatch is a rather snobbish hero, you won't find him much online but we assure you that he is absolutely devastating. Who are we talking about? But Symmetra of course! We will not dwell on all his skills (we will publish a specific guide) but we'll just talk about his super, one of the strongest and most useful in the game. Symmetra, in fact, is able to place a telepath that will allow your allies to immediately reach a point on the map from the base. This wonderful tool can greatly facilitate the defense or the conquest of an area and tends to cancel the effects of many of the enemy kills. Be careful though: the TV can easily be destroyed if targeted, so be sure to place it in a place that is not too open.

25 kills? Bravo, shame about the defeat

We mentioned it in our review and we repeat it here. In Overwatch there is no team deathmatch, the kills made are functional to the final objective (whatever it is). Do not start chasing characters turning alone for the map, do not place yourself with snipers covering areas completely useless for the mission and try to work always and only for the team. It happens very often to see among the players of the losing team users with a lot of kill and it's no accident.

Infinite ammunition

There's no ammunition counter in Overwatch there, so shoot all the time. Do you see anything moving? When in doubt, you empty the magazine, then check. Gun magazines are generally quite large, so with a little precision you should be able to avoid downtime in direct combat.

Nerf this!

In this game there is a super able to disintegrate your entire team in a flash. We're talking about D.Va's now famous "Self Destruction", an absolutely devastating move that can change the outcome of a battle. Our advice is to exploit its one weakness: slowness. As soon as you hear the dreaded phrase "Nerfa questo!" drop everything you're doing and run after the first available cover: it's the only way to save your skin.

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