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Overkill Mafia from Craneballs Studios is a first-person shooter (FPS) in which you will work your way through a series of missions, shooting at thugs and eventually taking over the city with your crime family. Along the way, you’ll be able to purchase new weapons and upgrades, as well as clothing and accessories that will make you look more like a made-to-measure man.


Craneballs Studios has had great success with its Overkill saga, which between its two games has been downloaded more than 20 million times since its original release in 2011. Overkill Mafia, of the year 14, takes a twist on the 1920s mafia in the FPS-style series on rails.


Crush other families to become the Godfather. Become a legend in the world of gangsters.

It also has an incredibly cool, comic-book look that we love, and that really sets it apart from the modern, futuristic military themes Overkill 1 and Overkill 2, in a black&white atmosphere, like the indie game Limbo.



While the game is decidedly 2D, the graphics are reminiscent of a certain Frank Miller series transplanted into the prohibition era. The shoot-em-up scenarios work with an arcade-style control system, with your left thumb controlling your aim and your right thumb letting you fire bullets. The key is to get your enemy in sight quickly and then let them have it.


When it comes to shooting wise guys, there are two things to keep in mind.

  1. You’ll have to reload often, and it can take a long time, to do so. When you can, increase the speed of recharging, as it will save you some health when you need it most.
  2. Shotguns are the easiest way to take down mobsters. Some fall immediately when you hit them in the head; others require a couple more hits before they die. Still, always aim for the head when you get the chance. It will take some practice, especially when you get shot, but you will save health and ammunition.


Also, beware of innocent civilians! Hitting them will attract the cops and also slow their pace of shooting, so you want to avoid them at all costs!


The first thing you’ll want to focus on is the weaponry. As you move through Overkill Mafia, you’ll start with a simple gun, but soon you’ll be turning into machine guns, machine pistols and other heavy pieces of firepower. Buy them as soon as you can, as they will help you catch bad guys faster. Don’t forget the updates too, particularly that precious reload.


In addition, there is a shop where you can customize your character with designer outfits. However, you won’t see much of him in the game, so don’t worry about what he’s wearing. Instead, be sure to invest in many secondary aids, including bandages to restore lost health, a gang support option for extra firepower, and Molotov cocktails that can burn up groups of bad guys.


If you’re a fan of crime stories and the mafia, you need to get your hands on Overkill Mafia! The good news is that it’s totally free. The bad news is that it’s pretty hard. If you get frustrated, don’t worry. You can use these Overkill Mafia tricks to make the game a little easier.


The streets of Chicago speak of a new rising star. They say he’s intelligent, ruthless and determined. Start out as a promising young gangster on the streets of the Windy City and gradually become the owner of the city… Build your smuggling empire. Make your way from the streets to the top ranks of the Mafia!


It is vital to always use the right weapon.

  • Guns are more accurate and better for reaching small or distant targets.
  • Shotguns are less accurate, but they quickly kill nearby enemies.
  • You should also use your support items wisely.
  • Grenades and Molotovs are best for groups of enemies that are grouped together.
  • Bandages cost a lot of liquor. Use them only when your health is very low.



Missions are the best way to get resources in the Overkill mob.

  • Fulfilling these goals will make you earn more money and resources.
  • Remember your missions before facing a new wave of enemies! Completing them will unlock the rewards even if you lose.


Upgrading your weapons is one of the best ways to spend money. You can take down bullies much faster

  • Look at the statistics of your weapons. Is there anything that is incredibly low? Update the pieces that will increase those values first.
  • Every weapon has a special force. Use them properly. Remember to switch weapons in the middle of a fight.
  • Magazine updates are very important! Invest in them as soon as possible.



I come down with money and can’t get past the next wave of bullies?

  • The “Reputation mode is here to help. Kill your enemies as long as you can and get as much money as you can in the process.
  • Focus on killing well-dressed enemies first. Men in dark suits with machine guns can shorten your career.
  • Look for support boxes for valuable power-ups, such as bulletproof vests. Shoot them before they disappear!


To unlock the following Game Center achievements, complete the following tasks:

UnlockableHow to unlock it
9-0 Catches 9 enemies without being hit
After DarkCatches 350 enemies between 11:30 and 00:30.
All in one.Shoot all kinds of Support Boxes.
All in the HeadScore 299 headshots.
Cash in the Big MoneySaves 300,000 bucks.
Preserve BulletsKnock out 8 enemy without reloading.
Doping AllowedCollection of 25 Support Boxes
Drunk GuyUse a revive.
During lunch?Catches 400 enemies between 12:00 and 13:00.
Every minute countsCatch 10 enemies between 23:59 and 00:00.
Daily workKill 20 gangsters today.
50 ShadowsCatch 50 enemies on each reputation battle map.
Fire ‘Em UpImmolate 50 enemies without Molotov cocktail.
First paycheckSave 2,000 bucks.
Fix me upRepair your gun 33 times.
Forget the rules.Silence a civilian.
Four TimerReach a 4x multiplier in reputation battles.
Full pocketsUse 3 items without visiting the store.
Let’s go shoppingBuy 2 items of clothing for your character.
Head HunterHit 10 headshots in a row in best shooter. Repeat 3x.
Heated GunIt fires 2,000 bullets.
Big DrinkerPlay reputation battles in the Bar for 15 minutes.
Living on the EdgeFreeze 100 enemies without your health below 30%.
Loyalty RewardedGet 4 surprises a day.
Lucky SevenGet a multiplier x7
Make a Big BangTomb 16 enemies without a shotgun
Pious manLet 15 enemies escape.
I need to rechargeRecharge 10 times.
Nice to Meet YouLet them yell at you 10 times.
No TouchingReserve 120x civilians in a row.
OmertaFreeze 5000 enemies.
One at a timeTear down 10 enemies in a row, reloading each time you kill.
RacketeerSave 100,000 bucks.
Real GangsterPlay for 1 hour.
Relaxing TimeBe hurt and heal yourself 100%.
RechargerRecharge 77 times without visiting the store.
Reputation Battle ContestPlay a reputation battle for 25 minutes
Reputation Battle SwitchChange weapons during a reputation battle.
Reputation Battles DoughHe wins $1,000 in reputation battles.
Shotgun FrenzyUse shotgun to kill 100 enemies in reputation battles.
Steady KillCatch 2 enemies without touching your weapon.
Time for the DanceCatch 50 enemies shooting at their legs.
TweakerGet a weapons upgrade.
VendettaCatch 10,000 enemies.
Weapon EnthusiastUse 4 weapons in 1 game, reloading a couple of times.
Whack ‘EmKill 103 enemies.


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