Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Advanced Guide & Builds

If the initial guidance is holding you tight, now is the time to read the advanced guide!

Here are the best tricks for fighting and the best builds to face all enemies.

Video: list of different attacks

This is the list of attacks:

Video: Skills list

Unfortunately I have not found all the skills, I will update the video when I find the last 3 missing, for now there are these and if you press pause you can see the description.

Tricks for exploration

Like the first chapter, you'll have to explore a lot, too. Here are some good tricks to explore at your best while you're jumping over peaks and platforms:

  1. Collect as many spirit fragments as you can, so you can buy the improvements
  2. Always try to find LUPO is an NPC that will give you cheap maps and help you find collectables.
  3. Always look for crumbling walls and narrow passages, so you'll always find fresh secrets and upgrades.
  4. Following the trick above, always try to jump through the bushes on the trees and branches, you will often find secret passages
  5. Do not be afraid of the dark, you may find useful passages
  6. Always break the green fruits hanging to recover life
  7. Purple water ALWAYS hurts the Ori, always.
  8. If you have to do some hard jumps, pause and take a moment, concentrate.
  9. Grey areas are to be explored.
  10. The village is your home, go back there as much as you can, embellish it with missions, make it yours. You'll always be safe here.

Advice on skills

You will collect a lot of fragments of spirit, the important thing is to know how to spend them well.

  • If you take the Explosion of Light skill (as recommended in our introductory guide) you can make much higher jumps by calibrating the time, e.g. jump, double jump, explosion of light, blow, jump jump. By doing so you will arrive at very high points.
  • When you use the hit skill on enemy bullets remember that the arrow is the direction in which the Ori will go, in the opposite direction the bullet will go. This way you can do a lot of damage (especially to damn spiders).
  • Always cling to the walls, always.
  • With the grappling hook skill you can cling to the walls, but only if there is moss on it.

Combat Tricks

Compared to the previous chapter the combat has been revised, now you will have dozens and dozens more combos, it's up to you to find the best one

  • To make several attacks simultaneously, e.g. with a light burst, simply press the assigned key repeatedly.
  • The basic attack of Ori you will use it throughout the game not spending energy and being quick, it can cut in all directions, when attacking downward does maximum damage, so remember to jump as high as you can and cut holding the lever down.
  • Every time you attack you reset the jump count to zero, remember that to jump higher and higher.
  • Many enemies are weak to particular types of attacks:
    Tentacular monsters - avoid fire, do nothing to them.
    Monsters with armor and shield - Use massive attacks (hammer and spear)
  • Remember to use the directionals to attack, by attacking from above and holding the lever down with the sword or hammer you will do enormous damage avoiding most enemy attacks.
  • Dodge, always, it's better to take an extra minute to finish a fight than to die like chickens!
  • Against multiple enemies or hordes of enemies (such as mosquitoes) remember to "make combos", like sweeping them with the shot on top of each other, bouncing bullets and using "aoe" attacks.
  • Against enemies that jump a lot, you only need to use the hit skill to reposition yourself by jumping higher than them and attacking them accordingly.
  • Keep an eye on the environment at all times, designers have put in walls and overhangs to help you plan winning attack strategies
  • Always look at the bump, the others are on average more harmless.
  • The sanctuaries of combat are farms of spiritual fragments, fight as much as possible and manage the waves as best you can.
  • In the menu there is an option to see the damage on screen, put it to see which are the best attacks to do.

The best builds

I don't want to disappoint you, but... There's no better build.

The game will put us in front of dozens and dozens of different enemies and complex situations, what I can do is to recommend the best build for each type of clash (Sticker, triple jump and magnet are quite a must and will be in each build)

Build to stuff fragments

To make a good "farming" of fragments you'll need:

  • Adhesive
  • Triple Jump
  • Magnet
  • Light collection (at its maximum level will allow you to take 4 spheres for each enemy killed)
  • Cut (Enemies have 70% more life and inflict 70% more damage. but release twice as much spiritual light)

Advice on what skills to equip:

  • Regeneration
  • Launch
  • Spiritual Slashing

This build is very risky and you'll have to be good fighters, but if you're not scared you'll only have to earn a shred to buy all the necessary advancements.

Build for archers

If you love the shooting system you will have to keep two things in mind: the first is that you need a ton of energy, the second is that the arrows consume LOT of energy.

  • Adhesive
  • Triple Jump
  • Chain Lightning (adds bow damage to nearby enemies)
  • Splinters (triple arrow)
  • Quick hit (+25% attack speed, not bad)
  • Energy harvesting (will give you energy when you kill enemies)
  • Reckless (increases damages inflicted and suffered by 15%)

Skills to equip:

  • Spiritual Arch
  • Launch
  • Explosion of light

Build for boss fights

Well, that depends on the boss. Against some you'll have to go in archer mode, in others in Spear + melee mode, but on average universally the skills to have are:

  • Adhesive
  • Triple Jump
  • Reckless (+15% damage inflicted and suffered)
  • Catalyst (gives more energy with hand-to-hand attacks)
  • Recovery (-30% to damage suffered)
  • Accuracy (20% chance of doing 50% extra damage)

The skills to equip instead are:

  • Regeneration (to be removed and put according to the clash, maybe while the boss is away)
  • Launch
  • Spiritual slash

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