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In Once Upon a Tower, the player plays the role of a poor princess trapped in a tower with only one goal: to escape as quickly as possible. The mission is not at all simple, there are many obstacles between you and victory but don't worry! Thanks to this guide of ours you will discover some useful tricks to triumph.


Defeating several enemies at once in a short period of time will activate a combo multiplier. The more blows you inflict, the more points you will earn: the most important thing in this case is to wait for the enemies to be close to each other to face them all together, your worst enemy is the hurry to do damage!

Power up

At the beginning of each level you have the chance to spend some of the hard-earned points to buy useful power ups. Investing on power-ups will lower your score considerably, but on the other hand the life of your princess in the next level will be much easier. Usually, however, betting on power-ups is a good idea.


The dragon-shaped statues that torment you look really terrible, but their fireballs can be deflected! Stay at a medium distance, hit them when they come and send them over you. Be careful: the fireballs will destroy everything they come in contact with anyway! To reflect them against the dragon statues, hit them while you are falling.

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