Okami PS2 cheats and codes

.Kami is a fantastic action video game developed in 2006 by Clover Studio and published between 2006 and 2007 by Capcom for the console Sony PlayStation 2.

The video game is set in a period historical associable with the Japanese Middle Ages and combines myths and legends of the Rising Sun. The story, in short, is that of the Earth being saved from darkness by the Shinto sun goddess Amaterasu, manifesting herself to humans in the form of White Wolf. In Okami, the player controls Amaterasu himself, in an enchanting environment that seems to be drawn with water colors. Precisely these atmospheres make the game unique and of immense charm.
Il gameplay combines action elements with others typical of puzzle and platform games. At the time the creator of the game, Hideki Kamiya, confirmed the existence of some similarities with the series The Legend of Zelda. The development of the game is rather linear but longevity is guaranteed by the presence of very intriguing secondary objectives. The moment he completes a goal or performs a certain action, Amaterasu earns some spheres of faith which serve to increase the characteristics of the character, such as life points.

Your final evaluation at the end of the game depends on what you did (objectives completed and actions performed) during the game. Based on that, you will see a number of unlockable items once the game is finished. 

Invincibility - Find all 100 lost beads to become invincible.
Kamic Returner - Complete the game once.
Kamic Transfomer 1 - Complete the game once.
Kamic Transfomer 2 - Complete the game once.
Secret Theater - More than 31 hours of gameplay.

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