Octopath Traveler: Character Guide and Beginner Tips

The creators of Bravely Default return to give us a title halfway between the early Final Fantasy and Golden Sun puzzles. Octopath Traveler arrives on our Nintendo Switches with a load of secrets, missions and items to unlock that would put even the most seasoned RPG player in trouble. The best guide the net has ever seen for this new Square Enix title.


At the beginning of the game you can choose with which of the 8 available characters to start the adventure. Besides having different attributes such as PV Max, Defense, Attack, Speed, etc., each character also has an identification class and unique skills called: Travel Action and Talent. The following guide is divided by character and gives you all the information you need to get started as well as a few small tips to get you started with each Octopath Traveler storyline.


  • Do not run away from the clashes - Battles fortify your characters, make you level up and get useful items;
  • Try different attacks - Don't get stuck on the same attack or weapon, change often so that you discover all the weaknesses of the enemy;
  • Go up to level 5 - Usually, when you reach this level, you will have enough PCs to learn new skills;
  • Inflict Dominion - If you can hit the enemy with a powerful attack, taking advantage of his weakness, you will inflict Dominion. This stun status of the enemy will render him helpless for one turn.
  • Cleanse your reputation - A dirty reputation could bring you big disadvantages in several areas, better to clean it from the local inn.


Class: Thief.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Steal. Press Y to steal a citizen's items. A percentage indicator gives you a chance to succeed in the theft. In case of failure the reputation in the city will get worse.
Talent: Burglary. Allows you to open the locks of the purple chests you meet along the way.

PV Max250PA Max40
Att. Fis.88Att. Elem.80
Def Fis.100Dif. Elem.72

Initial location:
Mountain regions - Granmasso
Tips for getting started:

  • Go up to Granmasso and open the purple chest behind the inn to get the Pungent Dagger with Att. Fis. of +26 and the Dodge +18. In addition, his attack sometimes poisons the target.
  • Enter the house further north behind the inn and open the red chest to add 1000 to your money.
  • After the film in the gate area of Villa Ravus, open the purple chest in the courtyard to get an Iron Helmet with a physical defense at +29.
  • Steal all possible objects from the inhabitants of Granmasso, especially the Pietranime del Fuoco and the healing objects.
  • Once you enter Villa Ravus, go up to the first floor and at the bottom left you will find a purple chest with 800 coins.
  • In the second area of the villa, before going up the stairs, go into the room at the end on the right to find the Wind suit (Def. fis. +24, Def. Elem. +26, Speed +22) in a purple chest.

Boss Heathcote - Strategy to defeat him easily

The first boss you meet with Therion, will be accompanied by a guard and capable of very powerful attacks (up to minus 40 life points). To defeat him quickly leave the guard alone, if you kill him he will call another one and focus on him. Use fire attacks and the dagger to weaken him. If you have bought or stolen any from the villagers use the fire stones, they will give Heathcote up to 250 points of damage. Finally, load the attacks with power and hurl yourself at him with the dagger, if you have taken the poisonous one described above even better.


Class: Hunter.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Provoca. It serves to bring the NPCs into battle. By pressing Y in front of one of them you can fight them by releasing an animal against them. In case of failure the reputation will get worse. Using Provoca you can use only the captured animals and the white jaguar Linde in battle.
Talent: Capture. With this skill you can capture monsters in battle and train them to fight at your side. If you press Y without NPC in front you can see the statistics of the captured beasts. You can take up to 6 beasts with you. Each of them will have a number of possible evocations, i.e. a number of times to be used in battle, choose your beasts carefully.

PV Max250PA Max40
Att. Fis.96Att. Elem.80
Dif Fis.74Dif. Elem.75

Initial location:
Wooded lands - S'warkii
Tips to get started:

  • With Provoca you can throw the captured animals at your opponents. The other animals will be consumable, like objects, but your trusty Linde can be used as many times as you want. Use her to defeat all the villagers with the white dialog option to climb up to level 3 before confronting the two with the green dialog option.
  • Capture the Musky Meep, it will help you restore all vital energy.
  • In the golden caskets of the Whisper Forest you will first find 500 and then 600 coins.
  • If you want to end a fight quickly, just weaken a beast opponent a little and then select CAPture from the KNOWLEDGE OF THE BEasts slot. A percentage will inform you of the difficulty of capture.

Boss Ghisarma - Strategy to defeat it easily

You'll meet her in the heart of the woods. It is a very powerful creature capable of making attacks that will take away 100 life points. Before starting the fight remember to have with you several Musk Meeps, to cure you completely and some Silvane Foxes useful to blind the enemy. Use sword attacks and load the power to use in combo with the Silvana Fox. When you drop below 100 life points, use a Meep to regain 500. In the last stage Ghisarma will become more hostile and activate an ability to respond to your attacks. Always avoid attacking personally and keep hitting with animals to knock it down for good. If you want you can also use a few stones of darkness obtained from the clashes to take away 200 fixed vital points.


Class: Ecclesiastes.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Lead. Press Y in front of a citizen and you can take him with you into battle. Each citizen can be vocalized a certain number of times and each one has a different skill. To leave a citizen, simply press Y during the journey, or simply exchange him or her with another citizen. The abandoned character will return to its original position.
Talent: Evoca. You can summon the citizens who follow you into battle.

PV Max225PA Max65
Att. Fis.80Att. Elem.99
Dif Fis.88Dif. Elem.119

Initial location:
Glacial lands - Xintilia
Tips to get started:

  • Every citizen at Xintilia has a different skill. Among the best you can bring with you are definitely the shield merchant with the Lethargic Thorn ability that can put enemies to sleep, or the man in front of the inn table who can summon winds.
  • The best citizen you can bring is hidden behind the house at the exit of the village towards the Origin Cave Trail. Thanks to the Church's Knowledge skills, this citizen greatly enhances Ophilia's statistics. He also throws elemental fire and wind attacks on enemies.
  • Just before you leave Xintilia for the first time, after defeating the guardian, you will meet Miles of burning knights. He will ask you to find out about his father, and he can also be led. Miles is a very strong ally, but you can't lead him to level 15.

Boss Guardian of the Prima Flame - Strategy to defeat him easily

Equipped with great defense, you'll have to be especially careful of two attacks from this boss. The first is when a purple flame emanates around it, it means that it is going to hit you with an attack that takes away more than 70 life points. The second is when he's testing you. It will in fact evoke a purple fatuous fire that must be defeated within three rounds or it will explode using the self-immolation attack and causing about 100 points of damage. Summon the chosen citizen to help you and when the fatuous fire arrives eliminate it with some enhanced attack of sacred light. Use the enhanced stick on the guardian and when he ends up in Dominion status hit with sacred light. Use the objects to heal yourself and use the sloe to recharge the PAs and use sacred light again.


Class: Wise.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Currency. Allows you to discover new information from citizens by pressing Y in front of them. Some may make new treasures appear on the map in the form of small flashes.
Talent: Study enemy. Allows you to open the weaknesses of enemies in battle.

PV Max200PA Max60
Att. Fis.72Att. Elem.107
Dif Fis.77Dif. Elem.108

Initial location:
Plains - Atlas
Tips to get started:

  • After the cut-scene has taken you out of the castle, return immediately and go to the far left to find a chest with a thunderstone. Then go to the far right to find three chests with a spiritual sloe, a healing nectar and a waking herb.
  • Check the guard near the rescue point to unlock a treasure, the stone of light, to the right of the library entrance.
  • Evaluate the woman near the academy gate to make a treasure appear, spiritual sloe (M) in the bush at the foot of the red banner near the rescue point.
  • Evaluate the guard just outside the castle to reveal a treasure, junk, to the left of the academy building.
  • Use the guard just inside the castle to make a treasure appear, healing nectar, immediately to the right in the small room under the stairs.
  • Evaluate the little boy in the lower right corner of the castle to make a treasure appear, brocchiere (shield def. fis. +3 def. elem. +3) , just in front of the 3 boxes.
  • Consider the guard to the left of the throne room to make a treasure, olive of life, appear in the banquet hall to the left of the second floor of the castle.
  • Consider the guard to the right of the throne room to reveal a treasure, Olive of Life, in the map room to the right of the second floor of the castle.
  • In the Studio Sotterraneo look to the left behind the rescue to find a chest with an antique coin.
  • If you evaluate the innkeeper and the guard at the exit of the city you will get discounts at the inn and new weapons for sale respectively.

Boss Russel - Strategy to defeat him easily

At first it might seem difficult to beat him but it's all about getting rid of the two ice elementals that accompany him. Use the thunderstone to get rid of them quickly and then focus on Russell. Use a few ice attacks to dominate him, and then use enhanced ice attacks again once he's stunned. When he slurps something will take a couple of turns to hit you, so take your time and defend yourself.


Class: Merchant.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Buy. By pressing Y you can buy goods from citizens, as long as you have the necessary money.
Talent: Find money. Collect money abandoned by adventurers or merchants, from time to time Tressa will tell you where and when.

PV Max275PA Max50
Att. Fis.88Att. Elem.88
Dif Fis.94Dif. Elem.83

Initial location:
Coastal territories - Cresponda
Tips to get started:

  • At the edge are two of the game's most useful items: the Scarf of the Beast and the Scarf of the Dragon. The first one restores the PAs after each action while the second one restores the PAs always after each action. These items can be bought with Tressa's Buy skill in the rightmost house of Cresponda. If you use Buy on the character behind the counter will sell you the Beast Scarf for 16,500, while the girl in front of the fireplace will sell you the Dragon Scarf for the same amount.
  • As soon as you can learn the first skill with Tressa choose SUPPORT. It is one of the best skills in the game and serves to bring powerful allies into the game by paying.
  • Maiya's cave is full of chests with healing objects very useful for this first phase of the game.

Boss Mikk and Makk - Strategy to defeat them easily

As recommended, use the Support skill and pay 800 coins to call a Bandit into the field. Repeat the operation 4-5 times to eliminate opponents effortlessly.


Class: Military.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Challenge. It serves, in fact, to challenge the citizens. You cannot fight against characters with a higher level than yours.
Talent: Strengthens defense. Abilit1a that allows you to greatly enhance the defense, very useful in combat especially against enemies who prefer physical attacks.

PV Max325PA Max40
Att. Fis.96Att. Elem.72
Dif Fis.102Dif. Elem.67

Initial location:
Plateaus - Petruvia
Tips to get started:

  • Challenge as many villagers as you can to leave the town almost at level 5.
  • Sell your equipment and buy the bronze armour, the bronze helmet and the round shield at the emporium, they will be very useful to you in this first phase.
  • In the golden chest after the rescue of the bridge in the Valico Montano you will find an antique coin.
  • As soon as you enter the Brigantes' Lair, go left and climb to the top to find a golden chest with a Copper Lantern.

Boss Gaston - Strategy to defeat him easily

A boss who bases all his potential on physical strength. Initially concentrate attacks on the two bandits, weak against the sword and eliminate them. Now use the spear to fill Gaston with blows. Use Resoluteness to power up and dominate your opponent with enhanced spear blows. When he swings his weapon, prepare to defend or use the Unshakable Wall if you've learned it as a dampening ability. Keep this up and you'll bring him down in no time.


Class: Artist.
Initial level: 1.
Action trip: Fascinate. Just like Ophilia's only skill that instead of leading you can fascinate the citizens and take them into battle with you. Each citizen has a different skill and strength, and there is always a number of times it can be evoked. If you fail to fascinate someone you will tarnish your reputation.
Talent: Evoca. It serves to bring the fascinated citizen into battle.

PV Max225PA Max50
Att. Fis.80Att. Elem.96
Dif Fis.63Dif. Elem.72

Initial location:
Lands of the Sun - Solvelato
Tips to get started:

  • If you climb the stairs on the left inside the tavern you will find healing nectar.
  • There are several interesting citizens to fascinate such as the woman near the rescue point with the sharp Bullet skill or the master's Lackey, outside the dormitory, with the blinding powder skill.
  • The best character to fascinate, however, is undoubtedly the elder at the center of Solvelato. This character is capable of Percosse and also starts from a level 2 strength compared to the others.
  • Inside the Catacombs, when you reach the merchant, go down the stairs and turn right. At the bottom pass under the arch and reach the golden chest to find a power earring (PV Max +50).

Boss Helgenish - Strategy to defeat him easily

If you followed our advice, you will have brought Solvelato's old man with you. This old man will prove to be the trump card to bring Helgenish down in no time. After summoning him, he will start attacking both the boss and his lackeys by taking 100 from each of them with a single blow and allowing you to dominate them. In addition, the old man will often score a blow called an unparalleled attack capable of taking up to 250 life from opponents. All you have to do is hit the lackeys with the Midnight Waltz because they are weak in the darkness. Once defeated download your enhanced attacks on Helgenish who will have been beaten enough by the old man. In a few blows, you can win easily. Be careful when the boss gives off a purple aura, and defend yourself in the second round before he whips you.


Class: Apothecary.
Initial level: 1.
Travel action: Investigate. Allows you to discover new information from citizens by pressing Y in front of them. Some may make new treasures appear on the map in the form of small flashes.
Talent: Distilla. Thanks to seeds and powders can prepare medical compounds in battle.

PV Max300PA Max50
Att. Fis.88Att. Elem.83
Dif Fis.85Dif. Elem.92

Initial location:
River land - Revolt
Tips to get started:

  • Investigate the elderly woman in the cemetery to make a sloe essence appear on a nearby plaque.
  • In the house with the sick child there is a golden chest with an iron axe inside (att. fis. +24 precision +12).
  • If you investigate the girl next to the cows you will get a discount at the inn.
  • When you are almost at the end of the cave, go down to find a golden chest with an invigorating walnut.
  • Shortly after the previous advice, turn right to find a gold chest with a bronze jacket (dif. fis. +19 dif. elem. +24).
  • Remember to return to Rivoletto later to investigate the woman in front of the door next to the cow, which requires level 10, and to open the purple chest under the cemetery.

Spotted Viper Boss - Strategy to defeat her easily

One of the easiest bosses in the entire Octopath Traveler. To defeat him, simply repeat the following until you have the upper hand: attack with the axe, weakening and imposing dominion over the viper. When it's stunned, use either axe attacks that are enhanced or you upgrade the apothecary's ability, another attack the viper is weak on. If the boss poisons you, immediately distill a preparation using the necroradice to cure you from poisoning as well as restore 100 life points. When a purple aura emanates, you can also avoid defending yourself rather than continue to strike and dominate it to stop its enhanced attack.

Our character guide with the best tips for starting Octopath Traveler ends here. If I make it out of this basement alive you'll still have news of me and especially new guides to complete this new Square Enix adventure!

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