Nubla 2 Trophy Guide

Nubla 2 is the second installment of a game that runs through the concepts behind the paintings of the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, perfect for art lovers. It is very simple and enjoyable to play, while all trophies can be obtained without any problem.

Nubla 2's Lost Trophies

There are a few trophies that you can lose in this video game and for which you should pay attention. They are as follows:


You will have to fall into the first hole in the dock to get this trophy. The opportunity is going to present itself to you at the beginning of Chapter 1.

Cycle with an end

This trophy is obtained in chapter 2. Shortly after freeing the Bird Masked Man you will have to walk in one direction for 4 minutes. Once this happens the screen will reload and you will return to the beginning of the loop.

Compulsive Reader

You will have to read all the books in the library in chapter 3 to get this trophy.

The Suitcase of Memories

Starting chapter 4 will automatically unlock this trophy.

All Nubla 2 Trophies

The rest of the trophies in this game are all unlockable. They are as follows:


It will be unlocked by obtaining all the trophies in the game.

The City of Ismos

This trophy will unlock automatically when you start chapter 0.

Life on the Frontier

This trophy will unlock automatically when you start chapter 1.

The World of Dreams

This trophy will unlock automatically at the start of chapter 2.

The City at the Center of the World

This trophy will automatically unlock when you start chapter 3.

Return Home

This trophy will automatically unlock when you complete the game.

Discover Your Power

You will get this trophy by using the ism power for the first time.

Time Travel

You will get this trophy by using the flower of time for the first time.

Choose your avatar

Once you choose the ism you are going to play with, this trophy will be unlocked.

Sweeping the Desert

You will have to survive the storm in Chapter 0 to get this trophy.

One last thing...

You're going to have to leave the paintbrush in the revolving house to get this trophy.

Lights Out

Paint the moon in chapter 1 to get this trophy.

Fiuuuu, by the skin of your teeth

Awarded in Chapter 1 and is part of the story. Jump over the waterfall to get it.

Madame Spider

You will have to escape from the spider to get this trophy.

Wind Up

Once you wind up the Titan in Chapter 1 you will unlock this trophy.

Lost in the Forest

You will have to get out of the Forest of Dreams for this trophy, it is obtained in chapter 2.

Chu Chu

You will have started the train to get this trophy in Chapter 2, part of the story.

The Submerged City of Ys

You will need to submerge the tower in the water in Chapter 2 to get this trophy. After completing the Tower puzzle and climbing to the top, you will go to the Submerged City of Ys and the trophy will pop.

One Hundred Years of Solitude...

When your self is gone and you are left alone this trophy will unlock.

The Rabbit Hole

You will have to use the puddle as the entrance to another world to get this trophy.

To be a top driver

When you get in the truck in chapter 3 you will get this trophy.

Always on time

You will have to set all the clocks to the correct time to get this trophy.

Cooking Blue

To get the trophy you will have to get the pigment to paint the birds.


If you have met the Indians for the second time you will get this trophy, it occurs in chapter 3.

After hours

You will have to watch the Cabaret show to get this trophy.

Null Reference

When you have turned off the surveillance console you will get this trophy.

Fluzo Capacitor

You will have to activate the longest cycle in the history of the city in chapter 3 to get this trophy.

Color Flows Again

When all valves are ready to transfer paint, this trophy is unlocked. You have to unlock all 8 valves throughout the City.

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