No Man's Sky Next Guide - Where to Find Platinum

Platinum is a very valuable resource in No Man's Sky Next, but where can we find it? This guide will tell you where to find platinum in the Hello Games video game that is taking a kind of revenge after the many criticisms that have come since its launch until the arrival of the Next update.

With this resource you can repair your ships, deliver valuables to mission objectives and collect one of the most precious metals in the galaxy.

Although platinum is valuable, it's not worth making it to get unity. There are lots of other ways to earn money in No Man's Sky Next, but we feel that making platinum just to make money is a bit of a waste. Now, let's see together how to get platinum.

Where to find platinum in No Man's Sky Next.

The fastest way to find Platinum is to go to an asteroid field. Usually you can find them floating in space, but if you can't find any, go to a planet. Near a planet, in fact, you'll often see asteroids floating at high speed, so just stop and search the area.

You can get gold, silver and other resources from normal asteroids, but for platinum you need to find a specific type of asteroid. As you can see in the picture at the bottom of the article, these are larger rocks with crystalline structures protruding from the sides.

The asteroids that provide platinum are larger and have crystals on the sides.

You can use any kind of weapons on your ship to extract Platinum. We recommend using one that has a low probability of overheating, for smoother and faster mining. Now you know where to find platinum in No Man's Sky Next. Make good use of it.

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