No Man's Sky Next: Guide How to Get the Chromatic Metal

If you want to start building your outpost, or simply acquire new objects and technologies, you will need a very important resource called Chromatic Metal that allows you to build very useful objects to continue exploring space. One of the first advanced resources you will need No Man’s Sky Next is the Chromatic Metal. In this guide we'll look at everything you'll need to create the Chromatic Metal in No Man's Sky.

How to get the Chromatic Metal in No man's Sky

The first step to obtaining this precious resource will be to get your hands on Copper. To extract the copper, you must have the manipulator in your inventory. This object can be acquired simply by following the main plot, which should give you access to the projects without too many problems.

Once you have the projects, upgrade to your Multi-Tool, so you can switch between the types of weapons you have at any time. The manipulator allows you to manipulate the terrain and collect copper. Once done, open the Viewer and search for copper deposits, which should be marked. Go to one of them and then extract the metal.

To get the chromatic metal you need the manipulator. Once acquired, all you have to do is find copper deposits, a resource that allows you, through its refining, to obtain chromatic metal.

When you have a constant supply of copper in your pocket, the time will come to extract your portable refiner. This object allows you to refine the minerals and basic resources into more advanced objects, such as Chromatic Metal. You can put copper into this machine, then power it using coal or another fuel source. This will allow you to refine copper by turning it into a chromatic metal.

Once you've created your Chromatic Metal, you can start building more advanced items, such as the base computer you need to claim and conquer a base in No Man's Sky (see index above for how to do this).

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