No Man's Sky Next Guide - How to Get & Craft Antimatter

Before you can start using your hyperdrive while travelling between systems, you'll need to find the Antimatter in No Man's Sky, which is the main fuel for the hyperdrive. The good news is that you have the entire universe at your disposal when you try to get the Antimatter. Today we're going to show you everything you need to know to get this resource in No Man’s Sky Next , so that you can power the hyperdrive, as well as how to get more of it later in the game.

How to get the antimatter

After creating the hyperdrive to fly faster in space, you'll receive a new transmission that will tell you to head for a new target on the map. Point your ship in that direction and accelerate towards it. Use your scan to find the indicator and then land close to it. You will find yourself in the vicinity of an abandoned building.

Enter the abandoned building and interact with the object inside to unlock a new project and get your hands on the first piece of Antimatter you'll encounter in No Man's Sky. With the project in your hand, go back. There should be a group of Whispering Eggs nearby that you can shoot to find the Larval Cores inside. These things will sell themselves pretty good, so take them. Get ready to fight because you're going to encounter a lot of biological horrors.

Now that you have antimatter, let's talk about how you can make it yourself, because you're going to need a lot of this fuel if you want to be able to move.

To make the antimatter shell, you're going to need to

  • 50 units of ferrite dust
  • 30 oxygen

Ferrite can be easily found by scraping the surface of the planets. Ferrite dust is one of the basic elements in No Man's Sky, so you shouldn't have much trouble getting it.

When you have the antimatter shell, you can combine it with the antimatter itself and create a warp cell, which will give your ship enough fuel for some interstellar travel.

How to create antimatter

Once you have used up your first piece of Antimatter, you will need to start creating Antimatter for your Warp Cells. To find this item, head to a new star system and a new beacon should appear when you scan. Head for it and you will arrive at a planetary outpost. These outposts are like space stations based on planets, so here you can talk to various aliens and learn about the system you're currently in.

Talk to one of the aliens here to acquire the Antimatter project, which will require 25 pieces of Chromatic Metal and 20 pieces of Condensed Coal.

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