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If there's one thing we realised after playing the various demos that NioH appeared on PlayStation Store, it's that Team Ninja's have really put all the nastiness possible and imaginable into their title. Although NioH it can't really be considered a souls-like, there's little that's missing. Those who have had the pleasure (not so much to tell the truth) of trying the game will have an idea of how much patience and willpower you have to put in place to continue the adventure of William, and above all, avoid saying a few words too many that could inconvenience men more blessed than us. Who instead has not at all put his hands on the demonstrative versions of NioH , but still intend to buy the title, could really find himself in rather unpleasant situations, especially if he has never approached to this "particular" type of game. That's why we've decided to write and publish a little guide (call it beginner's guide or survival guide, you name it) whose aim is to help users not to find themselves totally unprepared (and powerless) once inserted the game disc inside your PlayStation 4. NioH it will really be a difficult title to play ... we hope to relieve some of the suffering!

Never face more than one opponent

If your greatest passion is to emulate the exploits of the Spartans seen in the film 300 and throw yourself into the fray by facing more enemies at a time, get this idea completely out of your head. It only NioH takes two opponents to send you to the other world. The game boasts a fairly high difficulty and has been designed so that death comes to take you more than once and at any time. That's why you have to be smarter than the developers and face only one opponent at a time. There are many ways to attract one at a time: the first is to separate members of the small groups of enemies by throwing a stone and attracting them one at a time, but hoping that the others won't notice. Also, if equipped with a bow or other weapon at a distance, a 99% effective method is to eliminate one enemy at a distance and then concentrate on the other. If unfortunately you find yourself outnumbered, try to keep a cool head and avoid throwing yourself headlong into the fight... one shot each from each enemy and you'll find yourself having to start all over again.

Watch out for Ki

Being much influenced by the "Souls" series, even in NioH the stamina (here called Ki) will play a key role in duels. Even enemies need to regain strength after attacking you, so a good method is to let your opponents vent first, leave them without Ki and beat them as they deserve. But the same goes for you: attack, dodge or parry the blows will consume your Ki: staying out of breath will make you a prey too easy to kill. When you may find yourself without Ki, the most obvious solution is to back off slowly and retrieve it, and then return to attack and successfully finish the practice.

The art of "farming"

This is definitely the most important part of this guide, as I'll reveal a somewhat slow but very effective method of gaining Amrita (the equivalent of Souls in Dark Souls) and leveling up, avoiding dying over and over again. As many will know, killing the enemies in NioH , you will get a certain amount of Amrita, to use in the various times to allow William to increase your level. The most important thing to know is that by losing his life, the player will also lose all the Amrita, having the opportunity to recover them once by going to the place of his death and recovering them from his grave. Dying twice consecutively without having regained the Amrita, however, they will disappear forever and you will have to start "expare" from scratch. And so, how to avoid dying like donkeys and losing all the sweaty work done in an instant? The answer is in farming! Every time you go to pray at the temple, the killed enemies will come back to life (respawn expected by the mechanics of the game), ready to fight again. This, however, is not a damage, on the contrary, this feature can be used in our favor: the antagonists "respawnati" will always guarantee equipment, money, items and especially Amrita, so why not kill them over and over again? The procedure can be explained quickly and easily:

1) Leave the temple and start killing a number of enemies that will guarantee you an adequate number of Amritas (follow the first two points of the guide).

2) After you have eliminated so many enemies, return to the temple bringing the Amrita's to safety and level up.

3) Start the same killing round again, trying to push you too far and avoid unpleasant encounters that could put your Amrita in a sudden.

4) Return to the temple again, level up if possible or go back to killing enemies and accumulate more Amrita until you reach the next level.

5) Repeat this procedure until you reach a high level and accumulate enough equipment and objects.

Always retrieve the Tomb

Although we've remarked on this concept several times before, it's good for you to print it in your brain: the moment an enemy takes you out, at the next respawn your level of attention will have to be more than high. Yeah, because your only purpose should be to proceed with caution and head to the place of your previous death and recover the Tomb, which will allow you to get back the guardian spirit and especially the lost Amrita. If, however, you realize that the recovery of the Tomb is almost impossible, the only advice I can give is to call back through the temple your guardian spirit, which will return to you, but without the Amritas accumulated until then ... to those you will have to say goodbye!

We hope to be useful to you with this little guide, born from experience, suffering and sweat accumulated over the months and after many and many demos played. We are curious to know if our efforts will be appreciated by you and do not forget the appointment with NioH .

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