Nintendo World Cup - NES codes and passwords

Nintendo World Cup it's a football video game published for both NES that for Game Boy; this game is part of the Kunio-kun series and is based, albeit in a rather vague way, on the 90 World Cup edition, those held in Italy.

However, there are some differences with that world championship, in which France and Japan did not participate and where Cameroon impressed well (while in the video game it is a real mattress team). 

Nintendo World Cup is super fun, a real must if you collect NES and / or Game Boy games: in addition to the fouls to be done freely on the opponents, the various playing fields also guarantee a gameplay varied and durable. You can choose between grass, ice, sand and stones, each with its own characteristics. For example, you can trip over stones or slide on the ice and mow down the opposing players ... not to mention that 4 can also play, for unparalleled fun!

The moment you turn on the console, keep pressing SELECT. This resets a sort of invisible counter to 0. Each time you press the A key, the counter goes up by 1, adding one minute to each half of the game. For example, by pressing the A key twice, each time will last 2 minutes and not the classic 4 minutes.

62611 Brazil
72111 England
30711 France
60211 Holland
22311 Italy
10311 Japan
11511 Mexico
01511 Russia
22011 Spain
42409 USA
12811 Germany

Nintendo World Cup - NES


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