Ninja Gaiden NES cheats and codes

Ninja Gaiden, known in Europe as Shadow Warriors and in Japan instead like Ninja Ryukenden, it's a scrolling fighting game genre developed and distributed in 1988 by Tecmo.

The protagonist of the videogame is Ryu Hayabusa, a ninja who crosses America to avenge his father, who has now disappeared. Our hero goes on the trail of Jaquio, the classic bad guy who wants to dominate the world, this time using the power of two ancient statues capable of awaken an ancient and powerful demon. The gameplay of Ninja Gaiden is very similar to that of Batman or the mythical Castlevania.
The play consists of six acts for a total of 20 levels. Ryu Hayabusa wields his trusty katana but also other lethal secondary weapons. The game's storyline is very complex and intriguing and the anime-style cutscenes have been highly appreciated by the public and critics, who have awarded the game numerous awards. On the other hand, there is one to register high difficulty of the levels, which can very often be frustrating even for the most experienced players.

Very often Ninja Gaiden is referred to as one of the best ninja setting games ever. At the end of each act, Ryu faces off against a boss, whose life bar is usually longer than the player's. In short, all as expected of a perfect scrolling fighting game.

When “Techmo Presents 1989” appears on the screen, hold down A, then press B, LEFT, DOWN, SELECT and press START.

In Area 5-3 there is a 1UP on the third floor of the tower. Having taken the waist, go down to the second floor using the staircase, then go back to the third floor. The extra life will appear again, and you can repeat the operation as many times as you like.

To kill any boss with one hit, use the "Jumping Slash". This technique is very powerful and uses only 5 magic points.

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