NieR Automata: Guide How to get All the Endings

NieR Automata has a lot to boast about, a great combat system, a distinctive story and much, much more.

In this guide we will explain how to get all the endings in the game. There are 26 finals, including 5 main and 21 alternatives. Getting the finals is not complicated, just save the game at specific times to get them as easily as possible.

Ending A: Flowers for m[A]chines

Standard final, to get it, just complete the story for the first time.

Ending B: Or not to [B]e

To achieve this ending you will have to complete the story a second time.

Ending C: Meaningless [C]ode

Load the save with which the A and B finals were obtained to start route C. During the final battle, select A2.

Ending D: Chil[D]hood's end

Load the save with which the A and B endings were obtained to start path C. During the final battle, select 9S.

Ending E: The [E]nd of YoRHa

Watch Ending D again after having seen both Ending C and Ending D in Route C. Accept Pod 042's request.

Ending F: Mission [F]ailed

Unlockable in CH 01-03_2. When 9S tries to restore its OS for the first time, simply run out of time.

Ending G: Hun[G]ry for Knowledge

Leave the mission area when checking 9S for the first time.

Ending H: A Mountain too Hig[H]

Unlockable in CH 05-03. When Goliath appears for the second time, flee the battlefield.

Ending I: No [I] in Team

Unlockable in CH 05-03. After defeating Adam, abandon 9S.

Ending J: Bad [J]udgement

Unlockable at CH 09-02_3. Kill the shepherd inside the Abandoned Farm.

Ending K: Aji Wo [K]utta

After you talk to Jackass, eat Mackrel's fish.

Ending L: [L]one Wolf

Unlockable in CH 10-02. Run away from combat.

Ending M: Break Ti[M]e

Unlockable in CH 14-03. Decide not to help Pascal's Village and move back towards the bridge.

Ending N: [N]o Man's Village

Unlockable in CH 14-03. Destroy all the machines in Pascal Village

Ending O: Just Y[O]u and Me

Unlockable at CH 11-04. Don't help YoRHa and run away from the battlefield

Ending P: Corru[P]tion

Unlockable in CH 11-06. Get completely infected with the virus in path C.

Ending Q: [Q]uestionable Actions

Unlockable in CH 11-07. Abandon 2B while checking 9S.

Ending R: Mave[R]ick

Unlockable in CH 14-05. Attack all citizens of Pascal with A2, inside the Abandoned Factory.

Ending S: City E[S]cape

Unlockable in CH 17-01. Abandon Devola and Popola. Run from them until the finale is unlocked.

Ending T: Fa[T]al Error

Unlockable at any time during the game by opening the menu in the Skills section and removing the OS Chip.

Ending U: Deb[U]nked

Unlockable at any time once you have access to the Bunker. To the whole of the Bunker, initiate self-destruct.

Ending V: Wreckless Bra[V]ery

Unlockable in CH 17-01. Do not breach the tower and wait for Devola and Popola to die.

Ending W: Broken [Wings]

Unlockable in CH 01-03_02. You die during the introduction level of path A.

Ending X: Time to Rela[X]

Unlockable in CH 11-06. At the end of the mission, checking A2, abandon YoRHa.

Ending Y: Head[Y] Battle

Meet the secret boss and let him perform self-destruct.

Ending Z: Over[Z]ealous

Unlockable in CH 14-01. Kill Pascal with A2 during their first encounter.

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