Ni No Kuni II - Guide to How to Open the Blue Chests

What would be a role-playing game without treasures to find? Well, in this respect, the F Ni No Kuni II ate of a Kingdom certainly doesn't leave anything to be desired. From the very first bars of the title, we'll find plenty of treasure chests to put our hands on. However, not all of them will be immediately available. We'll find two types of caskets: red and blue. Both can be found both on the world map and in the individual stages, with a small but important difference: the red boxes can be opened without problems, while the blue ones will be initially precluded. In this guide, we will tell you how to open the blue treasures, whose content will often be of great value.

Ni No Kuni II How to open the blue chests

As all platinum hunters surely know, two bronze trophies are attached to the treasures: "Treasure Hunter" and "Treasure Legend", which will be awarded to you when you open 100 and 200 crates respectively. We want you to know that this will not be a difficult task: with a bit of exploration (especially after unlocking the Sputnik airship in chapter 7), you will succeed in this task well before the end of the game plot. However, to get the second trophy, as well as the "Musicologist" trophy, you'll have to learn how to open the blue boxes as soon as possible, as some scores will be placed right inside these boxes.

Although it may seem like a mystery to succeed, to open the blue chests you'll just have to learn the spell "Grimaldus". The magic in question can be obtained through research in the Magic Laboratory of your kingdom, and will be available from Chapter 5 onwards. You'll need to level up the Lab, so spare your Royal Dorados in order to unlock the magic as soon as possible. Once you have obtained the spell in question, all you have to do is get close to the blue treasures and press the "X" key, in order to open them and collect their contents.

Please note: even during your explorations of the 10 Oneiric Labyrinths you will come across red and blue treasure chests. The blue chests you will find in these dungeons, however, cannot be opened with the "Grimaldus" spell. In order to obtain the contents of these blue treasure chests, you simply have to collect and offer the number of purple spheres that you will be asked for. You'll be able to find the purple spheres by killing the various monsters, breaking the amphorae you'll find scattered around the various floors, or by getting them from the Cioffi you'll find around or, eventually, by buying them from the various NPCs (at your own risk).

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