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The day 7 of September at night took place the expected Playstation Meeting. Seems to be that you between last week with the Nintendo Direct as yesterday with the Playstation Conference have time for video games.

New Sony Hardware There is that confirm what during much time is wore shuffling and is that this confierencia was going to be completely focused towards the hardware of it new of Sony, Ps4 and is that all was aimed to do it since if take as reference the previous e3 Sony only showed games while its great competition, as is Xbox, taught already their new models. Sony has made virtually the same in the sense of present also two models.

Ps4 Slim

The first model is the PS4 Slim with a more compact design and whose great feature is its greater energy efficiency as well as also having a slight redesign of his command dualshock 4. In the case of the performance in the video game would be exactly equal that in the PS4 standard. The buttons, now, if appear as physical instead of touch. Actually is a version with a slightly reduced pace than comfortable carry roughly.

Ps4 Pro

He second model, now if, is the another model of which is has spoken both in these last months, that rumored "Playstation Neo", although in this case it have called Pro, a version of Ps4. pS4 Pro gives support both to resolutions in 4 k as also with the HDR, that not is nor more nor less that high range dynamic in the sense of that is will see them graphic with a lighting and a realism more and it feature that many players, demanded i.e. running games to 1080 p 60 fps and stable.

Price of consoles

Among the information that most shuffled without a doubt is the price of both consoles and is that if the standard Playstation that are now on the market is valued at €349,99 ps4 slim would be $ 50 less (€299,99) and the pro will be 50 euros more (€399,99). A price given its technical characteristics is fairly adjusted but it should be note that the Ps4 Pro does not reach the technical characteristics of the already announced Xbox Scorpio and perhaps that market expires it Microsoft. But without a doubt one of the things that most surprised people was the output of the latter. If Ps4 Slim comes out on September 15, Ps4 Pro on 10 November, i.e. that it would have a year until Scorpio went on the market, its main competitor.

Video games that were

In all the Conference is spoke of the new hardware and of the possibilities that had this and for this taught also new gameplay of some of them main videogames that will arrive the next year for the young of Sony as is the case of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Call of duty: Infinite Warfare or Mass Efect Andromeda.

Can choose which console?

Sony gives us many different options that bet. While it is true that for those who had already a PS4 this change does not affect them too, i.e. the change that supposes a Ps4 Pro is not as remarkable as it would change the change of generation of consoles. It has been commented that all the games that come out for the Pro will leave for the standard PS4 so there is nothing to fear in that sense. The PS4 Pro is especially for all those people who hoped to buy a PS4 to play its unique and that he had not yet decided. It is also the option of purchasing the Slim PS4, the most economical version and that will surely replace in the standard market. Without a doubt, these were the most important news of the Conference, spoke very little of new glasses Sony Playstation VR to talk about new hardware where they will work.

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