New Event Missions Available in Monster Hunter World!

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Today, 4 May 2018, Monster Hunter World refresh the list of available event missions again, with old and new challenges to face.

The mother of gold greets the new world of Monster Hunter World

Starting today Siege missions will no longer be possible against Kulve Taroth. However, it has been promised that, in the future, the possibility of dealing with it will return.

Also the event missions "What ends up with Ya-Ku?" and “Jazz Painted Green” have been removed, but it is likely that we will have a second chance to address them later.

We will still have time, until May 10, to address the "Red Code" mission, necessary to obtain the materials useful for crafting Dante's armor set from Devil May Cry, and the Charged Blade "Dante's Demonic Blade", based on the weapon of the demon hunter.

New challenges to face and a new collaboration

Among the novelties of this update, however, there are several limited requests, event missions and a new collaboration.

Between limited requests we can find:

  • Slay three Fanged Wyverns
  • Slay four Radobaan;
  • Complete five grade 8 missions.

By completing each of these rewards we will be rewarded as always with a Wyvern Gold Print and a Silver Egg.

The new event missions available instead are:

  • Scientific Entertainment: a low-grade mission in a special arena where we should face a Radobaan and an Odogaron at the same time;
  • Triple Threat: Another special arena featuring three Fanged Wyverns, a Great Jagras, a Great Girros and a Dodogama. On this mission it was increased chance of getting jewels for their own armor.
  • A simple request: we will have 50 minutes to search for 10 Gran Gourmet mushrooms. There will also be numerous tracks of tempered monsters, useful for unlocking the relevant bounties.
  • Pickled Stream Stones: the tempered Deviljho returns in the Land of Crystals. By successfully completing the mission we will be rewarded with a large number of Flowstones useful to evolve our equipment.

Finally, it is available the mission challenges dedicated to the collaboration between Monster Hunter World and Street Fighter V.

Available in three variants, which differ only in the equipment provided, the challenge mission "The empress of the cherry trees" will ask us to face one Rathian Rosa.

By completing it, we will have the opportunity to craft a new armor set that owns Sakura's look, one of the fighters of the popular fighting game.

Please note that Monster Hunter World is already available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and the release of the PC version is scheduled for the end of the year.

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