Neo Turf Masters Neo Geo cheats

Neo Turf Masters, which in Japan is known as Big Tournament Golf, is a video game developed in 1996 by the software house Nazca Corporation.

It is a sports videogame, specifically dedicated to the world of golf. Neo Turf Masters can also be played in two players, indeed this mode is very exciting and often so balanced as to be fought until the last hole.
In Single Player (1P) mode, the 18 holes, with opponents represented by CPU-controlled players. In Multiplayer (2P) there are two different modes: in one you can play 1 against 1 on the 18 holes; in the other there are also CPU-controlled players. The latter mode is extremely addicting! There are six golfers to play, each with specific skills as we will see below.

Unfortunately we are not currently aware of cheats, codes or tips for Neo Turf Masters for Neo Geo.

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