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NBA Jam it's a basketball sports video game developed and distributed in 1993 by Midway games. Developed for Sega Mega Drive but also for numerous other platforms, including Super Nintendo and Game Boy, this video game was created entirely in assembly language.

NBA Jam is by no means a realistic game of basketball simulation. On the contrary, it is based on the extremely frenetic action and the fun made of continuous reversals in front. No fouls and referee whistles. The highlight of the game are the spectacular shots and the crushed disruptive. NBA Jam games are played 2v2 and the player can control one athlete, while the other is operated by the computer. When a player has his partner controlled by the computer, he can still decide when to make him throw or pass, always using his own buttons. The voice of the commentary is that of Tim Kitzrow, whose sentences "BoomShakalaka", "He's heating up", "Is it the shoe?" have in the meantime become famous. Actually, in our opinion, an NBA Jam-style title is missing from the current video game landscape. A game that doesn't take itself too seriously but knows how to really have fun!

To have an enhanced defense, improved shot percentage, infinite turbo, dunks from the middle of the court and stay “on fire” for the duration of the match. When the game asks if you want to enter your initials, press "Yes". In the initial screen, go to the “S” and press C + Start, then go to the “N” and press B + Start, finally go to the “K” and press C + Start. Then, when the speaker speaks, press C + Start.

To take possession of the ball at the start of the second and fourth quarters, stick the joypad in door 2 and play normally.

First, you need to hit a good number of dunks and get most of your points in the fourth quarter. When you have about 48 points, dunk with a player who has a full dunk bar and the board will fall apart.

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