Myth: The Fallen Lords PC cheats and codes

Myth: The Fallen Lords it's a RTT video game, Real-Time Tactics, realized by Bungie Studios in 1997 for Microsoft Windows systems. 

The history of the videogame revolves on the long-standing war between the free cities of the north and the Fallen Lords, the Fallen Lords. The latter are ancient warriors and sorcerers brought back to life by the evil Balor to command terrifying armies of monsters and undead beings. although there are 6 Fallen Lords, we know the name of 4 of them: Shiver, The Watcher (the Seer), The Deceiver (the Deceiver) and Soulblighter (the Corruptor).
At the head of the human armies instead there are the Nine, also powerful sorcerers and warriors. Some of them are: Rabican, Maeldun, Murgen, Cu Roi and Alric. Characteristic of the gameplay of Myth: The Fallen Lords is that there is no need to gather resources, recruit units, or build structures. Each level, in fact, starts with a given number of soldiers available: they must be wisely managed on the battlefield.

However, you can choose the game difficulty level: at the lowest there are no particular problems, while at the highest (legendary), the enemy forces are much more numerous and stronger than ours, making survival somewhat complicated.

When Myth starts up, hold down the SPACEBAR and click on NEW GAME. You will therefore have access to all levels except the secret one.

To jump to the next level, hold down CTRL and press “+”.

To access the secret level, make your way up to “The Sons of Myrgard” and kill all the ghouls in the caves. After doing this, enter the caves: one of them will take you to "A Long Awaited Party".

To make infantry soldiers, including enemy ones, stronger, type "PizzaParty" while playing.

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