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To the delight of all rhythm game fans, today we propose the review of Muse Dash! Recently also landed on PC. 

The title originally came out on mobile and then arrived on Nintendo Switch, the PC version has recently also been available through the platform Steam. Are you ready to fight enemies to the beat of the music?

A simple and fun rhythm game

Muse Dash is a title with very few frills and totally focused on gameplay. The goal of the game is to complete the various songs available defeating enemies in time to the music.

The game proposes a style 2D graphic and a horizontal scrolling from left to right. During the various levels the enemies will come towards the protagonist from above or below and according to their position we will then have to press one of the two buttons in order to hit them.

As in any rhythm game worthy of being called such, it will be essential to follow the tempo and the rhythm, since the enemies will attack us following the musical track.

In the basic version of the game they are present more than 30 songs, all very cute and catchy. Any song can be played at 3 different difficulties, that is Normal, Hard and Master, even if the only level of difficulty capable of being a minimum difficult for those who are experts in the genre is the Master.

As mentioned earlier, the music tracks are really enjoyable to listen to, but none of being is truly memorable or extremely noteworthy.

By completing the various songs it is possible to level up and unlock new music tracks, while completing the objectives we will be rewarded with items of various types.

The latter will serve us to be able to unlock the other nice protagonists and their costumes, each with their own unique ability.

Many other songs are also available for purchase as DLC. Yes, the additional songs cost more than the game itself, but if the title has won you over it could be a great way to dramatically increase longevity and repeatability.

The game also offers the ability to link your PC account to your mobile account, in order to share records and achievements.

Technically flawless

Despite being a very simple and light game also from the graphic point of view, the title offers one anime style art direction very appreciable.

In addition, the models of the girls are made with care and attention, the same goes for the enemies and the bosses: always original and very fun to see.

Too bad with regard to the care of the background scenarios that tend to repeat themselves a bit too much and are repetitive after a few hours of play.

Excellent instead sound compartment; after all, having clean audio quality is essential in a game of this type.

If you are passionate about rhythm games, we can only highly recommend this title, given that the price is much more than honest compared to the quality of the game.

It is in fact possible to buy it on PC for only 3,49 Euros, at this price you can't miss it!

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