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Deck list:

Do you like control decks me prefer something more cheerful and dynamic than a slower Grixis Control? We have for you a bunch that could be suitable for you, animated by a faster and more interactive game engine during the early stages of the game given the possibility of being able to point to the life points of the opponent.

Let's see together what this deck is, how it is played and how it is composed inside this article!

MTG Arena -Jeskai Control.

Why choose Jeskai Control in MTG Arena?

If you like the idea of playing a control deck but have at heart a style of play closer to the offensive than the pass and uncorked game of other decks like Grixis Control.

Playing many cards that can interact directly with the opponent and the creatures brings Jeskai Col to a higher level of dynamism than his Blue-White friend and is therefore suitable for different types of players. Here too, however, we are talking about a deck that is not very easy to play and that requires, in addition to being familiar with the cards, also a certain ability to predict the opponent's moves for the next two or three rounds of the game.

MTG Arena Decks - How do you play Jeskai Control?

Like any self-respecting control deck Jeskai Control should be played slowly, aiming for survival and removal of unmanageable cards as soon as possible. Once the opponent exposes himself too much (maybe playing a large number or creatures unconscious of the mass removal you have in your hand) you need to punish him and then establish the advantage through the placement of some important permanent (such as a Niv Mizzet or one of the planeswalker in the deck) and the defense of the latter.

The deck in general wins slowly but almost inexorably; unless there are errors of evaluation by the player once you have the right resources on the field it becomes quite difficult to lose given the large amount of answers you have and the good amount of methods with which you can turn the cards inside the deck.

MTG Arena - Jeskai Control bunch list

3Crackling Drake
2Niv-mizzet, Parun
2Ral, Izzet Viceroy
3Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria
2Essence Scatter
2Justice Strike
2Lava Coil
3Lightning Strike
3Deafening Clarion
2Sinister Sabotage
4Chemisters Insight
2Cleansing Nova
2Search For Azcanta
4Clifftop Retreat
1Field Of Ruin
4Glacial Fortress
4Sacred Foundry
4Steam Vents
4Sulfur Falls

Jeskai Control deck composition.


3 Crackling Drake - This cute little drake is together with his daddy Niv-Mizzet the beater of the deck. When he comes in, he cyclops, making us draw a card and has a not bad leotard thanks to the important amount of snapshots and witchcraft present in the deck. Three copies because we're able to hurt him through other moves anyway.

2 Niv-mizzet, Parun - The izzet chieftain appears inside this deck in all his bombastic power. If you can put him on the field (not to be taken for granted, given his specific cost which is practically prohibitive), Niv Mizzet is able to continuously take damage and advantage of cards thanks to his very strong skills; not to be underestimated is also his Body, able to compete with the majority of creatures of the format and able to silence the opponent forever in a few turns.

Niv-Mizzet, Parun is present in two copies for a thousand reasons: cost in mana, legendary creature, game plan avulsed from aggro.


2 Ral, Izzet Viceroy - This planeswalker version of Ral is a great card to play in control thanks to its skill set. The first one allows us players to further skim the deck by enriching our hand and enhancing the planeswalker, the second is a removal/protection that can take down dangerous creatures on the field and the finisher will have us winning the game in no time thanks to the impressive advantage it can generate. Only less than his teammate Teferi.

3 Teferi, Hero Of Dominaria - The other planeswalker in the bunch is that funny guy from Teferi, also present in the traveler version. This planeswalker is practically the ultimate weapon for such a bunch thanks to its powerful abilities and the ability to protect itself if you catch it at the topdeck.

His first skill allows us to take advantage of cards and prepare with two open lands for the opponent's turn, allowing us to play a large amount of useful snapshots for the cause such as Essence Scatter, Justice Strike, Lava Coil and Lightning Strike. The second ability in this planeswalker bounces permanent annoyances directly into the opponent's deck, at the mercy of any shuffling effects. The finisher, as usual, is something extremely powerful and is able to win games alone by eradicating, permanently for permanent, the entire opponent's board.


3 Essence Scatter - Because like any self-respecting control we dangerously hate creatures, this card allows, for two mana of which only one is specific, to nip any threats in the bud before they even touch the board.

2 Justice Strike - The removal that you don't expect, perfectly capable of eliminating the majority of threats for two mana even in case of any gold or power-ups. It costs two specific mana but is the sworn enemy of some of the most used cards of the format and is also able to successfully exploit the combat tricks that the opponent could use to maximize his damage.

3 Lightning Strike - The red format removal, small and honest enough to get three copies inside this deck. Able to shoot at any target, including planeswalker and perfectly suited to the role of sweeper of the company.

2 Ionize - Dry Counter that in doubt also shocks the opponent, always useful but expensive in terms of specific mana. It's part of the set of counters in this bunch in two copies because it's still expensive in terms of resources.

2 Sinister Sabotage - The other dry counter of the deck: it skims the draw and improves the quality of the cards we'll see in the next hand; unfortunately it costs two specific mana and this turns it into a card present in double copy inside the deck.

4 Chemisters Insight - An instant fisherman able to recycle cards to return to give us fuel when we need it, in four copies for four mana of which only one is specific. Simple and linear as its usefulness.


2 Lava Coil - Removing even the largest creatures of the format for two miserable mana, one of which is specific; the exile what strikes is all added value that is convenient in case of cards that could have effects in case of recursions. Pay the pledge to be playable only at Sorcery speed in the two copies in which it is placed inside the deck.

3 Deafening Clarion - If our opponent plays a large number of annoying small and extreme creatures this card is clearly the solution to the problem; three mana to gain time or annihilate enemy intentions with a small global removal

2 Cleansing Nova - As above: Jeskai Control can't handle large amounts of creatures well, so it makes sense to play cards like Cleansing Nova that clear the board leaving our Planeswalkers intact. If there are also dangerous spells on the field this card can also think of them, destroying them in the name of total control.


2 Search For Azcanta - Searching for Azcanta is also back in this deck thanks to the enormous synergy it has with Surveil mechanics. The sooner you put this spell into play, the sooner you will be able to turn it into the legendary land we need to get an extra mana and to fish in times of need. Two copies because we are still talking about a legendary permanent that could remain in our hands unnecessarily


4 Clifftop Retreat - Checkland mandatory for a tricolor that wants to be as solid as possible at the basic mana level.

4 Glacial Fortress - Checkland mandatory for a tricolor that wants to be as solid as possible at the base mana level.

4 Sulfur Falls - Checkland mandatory for a tricolor that wants to be as solid as possible at the basic mana level.

4 Sacred Foundry - Shockland mandatory for a tricolor that wants to be as solid as possible at the base mana level.

4 Steam Vents - Shockland mandatory for a tricolor that wants to be as solid as possible at the base mana level.

1 Field Of Ruin - Controlling also means to knock down an opponent's mana resources: using this land you can completely eliminate a double cost from the opponent's bets simply by using the special activity of this card!

3 Island

2 Mountain

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