Mortal Kombat SNES cheats and codes

Mortal Kombat it's a fighting video game developed in 1992 by the Midway games to Super Nintendo and for many other platforms. Marketed in the golden years in which gamers went crazy for Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat immediately stood out for the quality of its graphics and for the gameplay innovative.

Mortal Kombat is a tournament of martial arts held on the island of Shang Tsung, a powerful and evil sorcerer who has deceived death with his spells and who is able to take possession of the souls of his opponents, thus regenerating his own body. The sorcerer is supported by the Shokan race, represented by Prince Goro, half man and half dragon, a millennial being who in the past beat the great master Kung Lao and has scored 9 consecutive victories, and by Reptile, a ninja-reptile of the now extinct race of the Zaterrians.
Their goal is to win the 10th tournament in a row, so as to deliver the keys to the kingdom of Earth to the Outworld Emperor Shao Kahn. Among the main features of this video game, the brutal ones fatality which you can run at the end of each match. Violent and raw, these moves have thrilled millions of players for years!

This trick only works with the Japanese version of the game, which initially starts with 4 credits. When Goro appears on the screen with the Acclaim logo, press LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, UP. You will hear a sound when the screen fades, and you can start the game with 10 credits.

Execute Rayden's Fatality in the third stage of a single player game. Goro will appear in silver and flashing color.

In the bridge level during a single player game, you win with the perfect in both rounds, closing the matches with a fatality. Your next match will be against Reptile.

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