Mordheim: City of the Damned – Review

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The Warhammer 40.000 developers try again and start a new project we're talking about Mordheim: City of the Damned, merging the typical elements of the Warhammer series by implementing creatures and monsters of all kinds and types, all to conquer the cursed lands.


The story comes to life after the crash of the two-tailed comet on the city of the damned, thus giving life to a battlefield dominated by blood and violence in which gangs revolt against each other for control of the hottest areas of the city, dedicating themselves while in search of the fragments of Malapietra released by the meteorite crash.

The fragments give those who find them glory and power, and therefore lead any individual to aspire to the role of supreme conqueror.

The game revolves around the choice of the gang, which are divided into: Cult of the possessed, Skaven, Sisters of Sigmar and Mercenaries of the empire.

Once we have chosen our band, we will have to guide it on the battlefield by taking the gisute choices and choosing the right equipment based on the battle that is proposed to us.

The more missions we complete, the more points we will have, so that we can better enhance our soldiers and our captains, also because the game will increase the difficulty exponentially as you go on.

Before the battles it will be possible to better study the strategy to be approached, through a series of tactical menus, since it will be necessary to evaluate how many losses we will have during the mission and how many of ours will be totally injured.

During the battle we can choose to use a certain place to face a certain enemy in order to have a tactical advantage.

Obviously, during the fight there will be no shortage of hidden objects or equipment obtainable only in certain missions, after all we are used to this kind of thing.

The multiplayer

The multiplayer sector plays an important role within the game, since the clash between online gangs leads us to have to evaluate the best of the strategies available in our personal mental baggage.

Sometimes, fights will require superhuman effort, especially against more experienced people, as we have seen our team massacred and mutilated several times despite having a tactical advantage over our opponent.

The battles within the game are decided by a virtual die, where once this is cast we will know how much damage we will do and how much damage we will receive.

Since it is based on an almost "luck" system, every action must be calibrated with the least care if you do not want to be knocked down and mocked by the enemy in no time.

The graphics are adorned with a not too bad graphic sector, which manages to defend itself well, especially on the polygonal models of the characters.

We must say that the City of the Damned is also characterized very well, even if in the long run, the places will all look the same.

Although the soundtrack is not excellent, it does its job as it is accompanied by a discreet dubbing that makes its dirty figure in the game.

Unfortunately the title is not free from defects, in fact in the first hours of the game we found a dancer framerate, not due to our Computer.

The title suffers from some bugs in the animations and a certain lag input in some points of the lair menu.

Another negative note lies in the off-screen audio, most of the time it seems that the voices come from afar, although our character is right in front of us.


In conclusion we can say that the title is not entirely evil despite the thousand problems that afflict it, given that for the duration in which we were involved in playing Mordheim we had fun and we have verified some very satisfying new mechanics.

The title offers several hours of fun, especially for those who love the online component, as it will test the experience and mind of the player to be able to face opponents from all over the world.

Finally, Mordheim: City of the Damned is a title that we would like to recommend only if fans of the genre, since for those who are new to this field they will find the game very boring and repetitive.

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