Monster World IV Mega Drive cheats and codes

Monster World IV it's a action / adventure platform video game, developed by Westone and released exclusively in Japan in April 1994 for the console Sega Mega Drive.

This is the sixth and last making video game part of the popular series Wonder Boy / Monster World. Monster World IV is a mix of action and adventure, but also of elements typical of platform games and RPGs, with the protagonist crossing 2D scenarios facing a variety of monsters and interacting with a good variety of non-playable characters.
The protagonist, Asha, has the ability to wield her sword and move it forwards, backwards and in various directions when in the air, depending on the direction you press. The girl can also use the shield by standing still and pressing the directional joypad down.

Asha can summon her friend Pepelogoo to reach areas otherwise closed to her. By holding on to him, Asha can slow down her jumps or perform a double jump. Pepelogoo can also protect our heroine from falling boulders and can be used as a kind of platform in areas characterized by the presence of lava geysers.
In the game you can purchase upgrades for equipment: the armor increases Asha's life bar while the shield increases the girl's defense and gives her invulnerability to certain elements, such as fire or ice. The sword, on the other hand, improves attack power. Some items cannot be bought but only found during the game, in temples or caves that Asha has to explore.

Collect money and, if you hit precisely 777, you will automatically be rewarded with an additional 7.000 gold pieces.

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